Tips To Using CPAP Machines

Many people who have been prescribed CPAP machines stop using them because of discomfort  or difficult to use.  CPAP machines, used correctly, can result in a restful, worry free night of sleep and increase a person’s overall quality of life.  The following tips may help sleep apnea sufferers use CPAP machines more successfully:

  • Make sure your mask fits properly.  Masks should be sized correctly and adjusted to fit your face.  There are several types of masks, including a full mask which allows you to breath through your mouth, a mask with a chin strap to keep your mouth closed, or a mask with nasal pillows so that it doesn’t put too much pressure at the pressure points.
  • Use the humidifier on CPAP machines to decrease dryness.
  • Replace your filters every month and keep your tubing clean.
  • Use your CPAP machine every time you sleep so that you fully adjust to it quickly.

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Bally Design is doing a study on sleep apnea and the use of CPAP device.  We have put together a brief survey for current and former CPAP users to complete. If you have any family or friends that use or have used a CPAP machine, please forward them this message with the link. This is an independent survey. Participants in the survey will have a chance to win a small prize at completion of the survey.

The link is below:

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