Devilbiss Introduces Two New CPAP Masks

Devilbiss has been making inroads into the CPAP equipment market over the last few years. Although it is difficult to unseat the two largest manufacturers of CPAP machines and CPAP masks (Philips Respironics and ResMed), Devilbiss has emerged as a strong 2nd tier competitor. They began this push with a line of CPAP machines, the Devilbiss IntelliPAP, which has garnered very favorable reviews from users, especially with the new extended five year warranty. Most recently, they have upgraded their CPAP mask selection with two new offerings; the Aloha nasal pillow and EasyFit SilkGel nasal CPAP masks.

The recently introduced Devilbiss EasyFit SilkGel is essentially an upgraded version of the original EasyFit with some positive improvements. Firstly, the cushion has been completely upgraded. The internal gel section of the cushion is quite soft and pliable which increases comfort and creates an effective seal. The outer shell of the cushion has an ultra-soft coating which feels silky to the touch. This further enhances the ability of the cushion to seal properly and maintain that seal throughout the sleep cycle. Interestingly, the mask and cushion design was created after a computer analysis of the facial characteristics of 50,000 people globally. Using a special algorithm, the unique scallop shaped cushion was created for the SilkGel. Another new design change is the ball and socket tubing connector. The SilkGel is the first mask to employ such a socket which affords active sleepers a less frustrating CPAP mask experience. A few other notables on the SilkGel are the nose flange to help eliminate air blowing into the eyes, a customizable forehead support with an ultra-soft cushion, a whisper-quiet exhalation system and headgear which circles the crown of the head.


The Aloha is the first nasal pillow CPAP mask from Devilbiss. Although this is their first entry into the highly competitive nasal pillow field, the Aloha makes a very good impression. On first glance, you will notice how few parts there are to this mask. There also are very few locations the mask actually touches the face. Since there are so few parts to the mask, cleaning or replacing these parts make the long term cost quite good. Moreover, Devilbiss again employs the use of the ball and socket tubing connector which active sleepers can appreciate. Another interesting feature is the Arced Track technology which allows users the ability to adjust the angle and depth of the nasal pillow. This is most helpful for CPAP users who like the idea of a nasal pillow CPAP mask but don’t like the feeling of the actual nasal pillow. As with all nasal pillow systems, there is nothing blocking the field of vision. However, the Aloha allows users to customize the mask by routing the tubing over the head or down the chest. For CPAP users who prefer side sleeping, routing the tubing over the head may be the key to uninterrupted sleep. Devilbiss has even included headgear wraps for comfort, and small, medium and large nasal pillows for fitting ease.

Devilbiss Aloha Nasal Pillow System


Although Devilbiss is not the most popular or well known CPAP equipment manufacturer, they have recently become more committed to the CPAP equipment market.  The Devilbiss IntelliPAP line of CPAP machines along with both the EasyFit SilkGel and Aloha give CPAP users more choice and a reason to try something new.  You will not be disappointed with any of the choices offered by Devilbiss which all can be found at The CPAP Shop.