A New Libido Booster – CPAP Machines

A recent article from msnbc.com suggests that CPAP machines can help improve erectile dysfunction symptoms, which is common in men with sleep apnea.

A CPAP machine, or continuous positive airway pressure machine, helps keep the airways open during sleep. This helps prevent blood oxygen levels from being depleted as well as other serious health issues, like heart disease and stroke, which can result from untreated sleep apnea. But now doctors have found a connection between men using CPAP machines and their E.D. symptoms.

In a study conducted by Dr. Joseph Dombrowsky, over half of the men with mild E.D. experienced an improvement in their symptoms after using a CPAP machine and an increase in their libido. Dombrowsky postulates that, since E.D. is a progressive disease, using a CPAP machine may be a way to delay the disease’s progression if caught early on. This would substitute the need for men to take pills, at least for a little while.

CPAP therapy and depression Who knew that when doctors started studying sleep apnea, they would discover this sleeping disorder would also be found to affect men’s libido. But if you stop and think for a second, it’s really not surprising considering that the penis is a barometer for pretty much anything that goes on in a man’s body – and his life.

This article got me thinking. When Viagra first came out, women wanted to try it out as well. So, if men with E.D. and sleep apnea use the CPAP machine as their E.D. treatment, will someone do a study focused on women’s libidos and a tie in with sleep apnea? Will this clock radio looking device take the place of a pill as the next sex aide? I can imagine late night infomercials advertising CPAP therapy for the undersexed. Available in nude lingerie!