You’ll Never Guess Which Celebrities Have Sleep Apnea!

There are many things that make a celebrity’s lifestyle different than ours. They can wake up in the morning in a magnificent hotel, drink fancy champagne on a private jet and shop at an incredibly high end store to buy $10,000 silk linens. But no matter how many private islands visit or stacks of money they have, celebrity’s are still human; which means that even they can have sleep apnea. From mild to severe, and everything in between, here are ten celebrities that share the same plight as many of us. (Tried as we might, we could not find any images any of them with their CPAP masks! However, we did find some videos!)

      • Quincy Jones, music producer
      • Rosie O’Donnell, comic, talk show host, and actress
      • Adam Savage, host of MythBusters
      • George Kennedy, actor in Cold Hand Luke, Airport
      • William Shatner, actor in Star Trek, Boston Legal
      • Jerry Garcia, guitarist for The Grateful Dead
      • Regis Philbin, talk show host
      • Shaquille O’Neal, NBA player

There are even reports of famous historical figures who suffered from the disorder. From Winston Churchill to Napoleon Bonaparte, sleep apnea has been around for centuries and will continue to affect those of us currently afflicted.