Electricity Out? You Can Still Get Your CPAP Therapy!

CPAP therapy has been shown to decrease serious health problems related to sleep apnea such as sleep deprivation, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, or heart disease. But in order for CPAP therapy to truly be effective, patients must fully comply. Compliance is already challenging to achieve simply because most patients find difficult to adjust to CPAP therapy. However, other issues can make compliance difficult, too.
Medical symbolCPAP Battery

Power outages, brown outs, and areas without electricity can interrupt CPAP therapy. Thankfully, CPAP machines have been designed to operate on batteries in order to avoid this problem. The CPAP Shop offers batteries that can last for as little as ten hours and while some can last up to forty hours depending on the pressure settings. CPAP batteries are portable and, for convenience, they can even be recharged by the cigarette lighter in your car.

CPAP Battery Packages

Full battery packages are available for all major CPAP manufacturers such as ResMed, Philips Respironics and Devilbiss. These power packs include a carrying case for portability, a charger and a power cord. The batteries can also be used to charge other devices like MP3 players, DVD players, iPods, cell phones, and more.

Travel with a CPAP Battery

The features and conveniences of CPAP batteries make it possible for sleep apnea sufferers to comply with their therapy when they are inconveniently without power or traveling away from home. For example, if a bad storm renders you without electricity for several days, or if you want to go on a camping trip, simply charge your CPAP battery in you car and enjoy a good night’s sleep. But overall, it’s comforting to know that if you have a battery as a back up you will always be prepared and able to use your CPAP machine.