Overweight, Unhappy and Tired

Sleep deficiency and poor quality sleep can cause numerous problems in the body.  CPAP machine users know all about this, however they may not know what the specific problems are.

People who suffer from sleep deficiency are more likely to gain weight.  That might not make sense at first, because you might think that if you are awake more, your metabolic rate would be higher.  But studies show that people with sleep deficiency tend to eat more food during the day to keep them awake and alert.  Thankfully, CPAP technology has made it easier for sleep apnea patients to get the rest they need.

If you’ve ever had problems with sleep deficiency, you know how it can affect your mood.  Those who use CPAP machines often have had problems with their emotions – regardless of how much in-bed time they’ve gotten, because sleep apnea can cause stress and anxiety.  Many negative emotions can be associated with sleep deficiency.  When sleep deprived, people tend to become irritable, unhappy, stressed and angry.  Moreover, personal relationships begin to be negatively impacted.  Those with sleep apnea who use CPAP machines are taking a big step toward resolving sleep deficiency issues.

One of the most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea that CPAP technology addresses is tiredness during the day.  Sleep deficiency – brought about by any condition, disorder or circumstance – will undoubtedly lead to daytime sleepiness, lethargy and tiredness.  It’s no surprise that people who work night shifts are more prone to tiredness, because they typically don’t get the amount of sleep their bodies require.

It’s important to learn the rules for a better night’s sleep.  CPAP machines are an excellent way to restore quality sleep for sleep apnea patients, but there are other ways to help get better sleep such as

  • Do restful things around bed time such as reading – high levels of excitement definitely contribute to sleep deficiency
  • Avoid eating for at least four hours before going to sleep
  • Make your sleep environment as dark and quiet as possible
  • If you have work to do, have some down time prior to bed
  • Avoid arguing with others as bed time draws near
  • Don’t exercise right before bed
  • Go easy on alcohol – while it can make you drowsy, it contribute to abnormal sleep patterns

CPAP users will be the first to tell you how critical sleep is.  Many have suffered from serious sleep deficiency and appreciate the wonderful difference their CPAP machines have made in their lives and to their feeling of well-being.  Not only have these devices helped to restore normal sleeping patterns, they have aided in reducing the stress and anxiety that often results from sleep apnea and can quickly lead to sleep deficiency.

The CPAP shop is dedicated to providing reliable information to help people struggling with sleep issues.  We also provide high quality CPAP machines and other accessories to those with sleep apnea.  We want everyone to get a good night’s sleep and not end up as do so many who struggle with sleep deficiency: overweight, unhappy and tired.

Allan L. Lamb
Allan L. Lamb

There was and interesting topic on above show today. Alzheimers was the subject and among the many facts mentioned was that there is believed to be a connection between alzheimers and Sleep Apnea. It is being investigated now. They said that there seems to be a higher than average Alzheimers patients with Sleep Apnea. This is something that I will watch carefully. Goodby. 7/16/12