Debate Over ClimateLine Heated Tubing for the ResMed S9

ClimateLine Heated Tubing

ClimateLine Heated Tubing

As a leading company for CPAP therapy technology, ResMed has made improved sleep and health, compliance, comfort and superior technology for ease of use, the guiding forces for the company and their products. Their ResMed S9 Series of CPAP machines, the H5i Heated Humidifier and the ClimateLine Heated Tubing are designed to be leading-edge in each category.

In recent months, a debate has begun among CPAP therapy users regarding the need, use and efficacy of the ClimateLine Heated Tubing.  Long time users have overwhelmingly made the case for the optional heated tube and swayed the opinion of countless OSA patients either newly diagnosed or considering a switch to the ResMed heated tubing technology. However, bringing light to the debate and the technology beyond support message board conversations provides an opportunity to bring greater understanding to OSA patients across the country.

While there are a number of issues that contribute to a lack of CPAP therapy compliance for OSA patients that utilize CPAP machines, the issues surrounding dry sinuses or its polar opposite known as rainout can increase discomfort and frustration and reduce health benefits.

Nasal congestion, dry sinuses and dry mouth are common complaints that can be remedied by humidification with the CPAP therapy. The ResMed S9 CPAP Machine with its H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Heated Tubing provide the latest technology to overcome these and other associated problems via its Climate Control System.

The H5i Heated Humidifier and the optional ClimateLine Heated Tubing each have a temperature sensor that measures and adjusts the air temperature at the mask to eliminate cold air from entering the nose and mouth while also eliminating rainout. Rainout is the name given to the effect of condensation building up inside of the CPAP tube. The condensation will travel up the tube into the mask, which causes uncomfortable moisture around the nose and mouth for full face mask users at best, and a disruption of sleep that defeats the CPAP therapy benefits in the worst-case scenario.

A number of recently diagnosed OSA patients that are either making the decisions about which CPAP machine and mask will be best for them are finding that their physicians and DME are not necessarily discussing or offering the heated tubing as an option. Some OSA patients that have been utilizing less advanced technology from other manufacturers that do not provide features like the ClimateLine heated tubing question the need for the technology at all.

The reality is that every OSA patient is different and has different experiences with their machines. Some find other remedies to the dryness, discomfort of colder air entering the mouth and lungs and the issue of rainout. For many OSA patients however, the more issues that their machine and tubing can resolve on its own without their having to invent a solution or fiddle with the device endlessly, the better.

Whether or not a patient experiences rainout also depends on the temperature of the room. No matter the season or which part of the country an OSA patient may reside, room temperatures will always fluctuate during the night. The ResMed S9 system’s ability to automatically self-adjust to these changes and maintain the optimal comfort level for each user is just one more way to achieve the maximum comfort and health benefits while ensuring compliance among CPAP machine users across the country.

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