New Sleep Apnea App from Phillips

With CPAP therapy compliance an ongoing problem, leading manufacturers are working to introduce technology that aids health professionals as well providing patients with the information they need to increase compliance. As a technological leader in sleep technology, Philips Respironics has launched SleepMapper mobile app for iOS and Android. The app uses a web-based platform to give sleep apnea patients guidance and information on their sleep therapy via their Respironics CPAP Machine  data as well as videos and educational materials.

Philips Respironics CPAP machine technology has provided wireless connectivity for the last four years in order to transmit data to healthcare providers who could remotely check-in on their patients and make adjustments to their machines and therapy as needed. The SleepMapper app makes some of the CPAP machine’s tracked data available directly to patients for the first time.

Respironics System OneThe app allows patients to troubleshoot problems encountered while using the Philips Respironics System One CPAP devices via a Bluetooth sensor that transmits data to the SleepMapper app. SleepMapper provides data on the patient’s nightly therapy treatment, which includes information like the duration of continuous use of their CPAP machine and fit data for the specific CPAP mask.

Symptom improvement occurs when patients utilize their CPAP machine and mask for at least 4.5 hours continuously each night. Since non-compliance starts very early in the therapy, the SleepMapper app helps answer new CPAP patient questions regarding their machines in the early stages of use in order to instill confidence in how to use the device each night.

Users can also remove an SD card from their Respironics CPAP machine and connect it to their PC to access the SleepMapper server. One of the important aspects of the app is that it allows patients to set goals for their treatment based on a protocol called Motivational Enhancement Therapy. The purpose is to provide feedback during the times when the patient is most willing to accept information that may lead to a change in behavior.

For example, the device queries the patient when they are being compliant to explain their motivations in their own words. The app can then send alerts during non-compliance periods using the motivational information provided by the user themselves. The goal of the app is to help and encourage OSA patients to make positive behavioral changes that lead to better CPAP therapy compliance and health outcomes.

up-arrow-greenPhilips Respironics CPAP Supplies are constantly evaluated by the company in order to refine and improve them for OSA patients around the world. Consequently, the company is currently conducting clinical trials to determine the efficacy of the app as they make it available beyond limited user groups.

The CPAP Shop fully supports Philips Respironics initiatives in the area of compliance.  We understand that sleep therapy can represent a dramatic change in daily routines.  With the new mobile app compliance data now available to users, understanding and correcting potential issues early in therapy will provide a more easy transition.  Additionally, we are available to answer questions concerning your CPAP machine, CPAP mask choice or available supplies.  Contact us at 866-414-9700 or by email at


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