The CPAP Assistance Program – How You Can Help By Donating Your Used Machines

Although the many thousands of undiagnosed sleep apnea sufferers is a major cause for concern and attention, so too are the many OSA patients that have been diagnosed and are unable to afford the life-changing therapy from a sleep apnea machine. Now, everyone that has experienced the benefits of this lifesaving therapy can help others by joining forces with the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) and their CPAP Assistance Program (CAP). The program recycles gently used CPAP machines, masks, hoses, and supplies in order to put them in the hands of those who need therapy but don’t have the means or the insurance coverage to pay for it.

Resprionics System One CPAP MachineCPAP therapy patients who are replacing their gently used sleep apnea machines can now help others breathe easier by donating them to the CAP program. For several months now, ASAA and other organizations have been fighting to spread the word about this innovative program so that OSA patients without the financial means can get the assistance and CPAP therapy they need.

While CPAP machines, masks, hoses, and supplies are donated to the ASAA CAP for redistribution to those in need, the nonprofit still has to contend with the administrative processes, handling, system checkout, and shipping costs of the program. Consequently, the organization is charging a nominal fee of $100 to the beneficiaries that will be receiving the machines.

Obviously this is far from enough to cover the expenses of the nationwide program. To bridge the ever-growing financial gap, the patient-driven OSA awareness charity is working to raise $10,000 through a fundraising campaign to facilitate the program.

To-date, the program has provided more than 300 devices to people in need and has kept more than 200 CPAP machines out of landfills. Since the key word to the program is ‘gently’ used sleep apnea machine, the ASAA website provides a detailed list of the machine types and models, as well as the age and usage parameters, that are acceptable.

The process for sleep apnea machine and supply donors is simple. They merely fill out the online donation form and fax it to ASAA at 888-293-3650. A CAP representative will then make contact with shipping instructions. Each donated machine and all supplies are thoroughly tested by a registered member of the National Board of Respiratory Care.

For those that wish to make a much needed monetary donation to CAP, the ASAA website also provides a short online form.

The process for beneficiaries is also fairly simple as they merely fill out the online application, have their physician fill out the physician authorization form, and mail them along with the $100 fee to the organization’s Washington-based headquarters. They will then process the request and contact the beneficiary’s physician. Because of limited supply and resources, the organizational program must have as much non-invasive information from the physician as possible. This is to establish genuine need and financial/insurance hardship of the potential beneficiary in order to be sure that the donated materials find their way to those most in need.

BiPAP MachineOnce processed, the sleep apnea machine and supplies are shipped to the beneficiary’s physician with arrival in three to four weeks. The physician is then responsible for adjusting the machine and answering any patient questions on usage. If the physician is requesting a specialty device such as a BiPAP, APAP, or ASV, shipping depends on device availability and whether or not there is a waiting list for that specific type of specialty device.

While the ASAA is a nonprofit with limited staff and resources, their support throughout the OSA community is both broad and deep ranging from other organizations to some of the top manufacturers. Consequently, they are joined by Prairie Home Medical as well as supplied with generous grants from the American Sleep Medicine Foundation and the ResMed Foundation. Manufacturers have also stepped up with In-kind contributions from ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Respiratory Solutions, DFS, Sleep, and Better Rest Solutions.

With more than 20 million people suffering from sleep apnea (many of whom are unaware that they are), ASAA, other organizations, the healthcare community, and conscientious manufacturers have their hands full spreading awareness. They all realize that there may be no greater tragedy than getting diagnosed with this life threatening condition and not being able to afford the sleep apnea machine.

The CPAP Assistance Program cannot help these people without the support of those that have already experienced the life-changing benefits of CPAP therapy via their CPAP machine. As thousands around the country look to purchase a new sleep apnea machine, now is their chance to pay it forward by donating their gently used sleep apnea machine to those who desperately need it so that they too can live fuller, healthier lives.


Where is the link to fill out the application to get a machine?  It really don't matter in the end because I do NOT have 100.00 to send out with it!  I stop breathing up to 118 times in one hour and sometimes can barely wake up from it.  I know that my tongue blocks my air way but I cant afford any oral appliances either.  Why is this so expensive when it is meant to save lives.  My children are going to be the ones to find me one morning dead in my sleep.  I am a single mom and cant stand that thought!  My insurance wont let me keep the one they sent home to me because I did not do 90% or more of their testing, I did 78%.  I ended up in Seattle for a month to care for my 70 year old mother who fell down a flight of stairs and needed surgery and help for an entire month and there was no one else to do it.  She now lives with me, adding to the stress on top of no sleep! 

Who can help someone like me?  That's my question!  I put a request in to which is a site where you wish for things and that was a year ago and have had NO responses because this machine is too expensive for the average person to donate.

I need a hero, that's what I need!


I don't have any insurance or money but really need a cpap machine with a face mask that covers nose and mouth.


Where can I get a used donated cpap for free?


@lita007 Do you still have the CPAP machine?? Please me at 

I really need it