CPAP Therapy Treatments

Having trouble sleeping at night and wake up tired in the morning? Is your spouse annoyed from the loud snoring while you’re sleeping? If so, there’s a good possibility that you have sleep apnea causing you to not get the good night’s sleep your body needs. Being sleep deprived can affect your entire daily schedule causing you to be late for work in the mornings or forgetting planned events in the evening.

CPAP machines can help your sleeping habits drastically when it comes to sleep apnea and snoring. Many advances have been made in CPAP machines to help patients, with sleep apnea, get a good night’s sleep without the mask or machine bothering them throughout the night. Not only has the size of the machines and mask and noise levels been improved upon, but also the way the CPAP unit sends out the air. With different air pressure treatments it allows for the patient to receive the right amount of air needed for his or her sleeping habits. CPAP machines users can receive a prescription from their doctor for one of the following CPAP air pressure treatments, including, basic air pressure, bi-level air pressure, and also auto air pressure CPAP machines.

Basic CPAP Air Pressure Treatments

The basic air pressure treatments for CPAP machines provide a constant flow of air pressure throughout the entire night of sleeping. This can drastically improve your sleep apnea and/or snoring throughout the night. The amount of air pressure required for proper treatment of sleep apnea may differ between two patients. One’s sleeping habits and movements may require the use either a Bi-Level or Auto CPAP machine that can automatically adjust the amount of air pressure being sent from the machine.

Bi-level Air Pressure Treatments

BiPAP machines automatically adjust the air pressure during the inhalation and exhalation processes. During the inhalation period, the air pressure from the BiPAP machines increases to help make the breathing process easier by opening the airway passage. During the exhalation period, the air pressure reduces to allow for easier exhaling against the positive air pressure being delivered by the BiPAP machine. Although the Bi-Level air pressure treatment can help many, it still may not be the perfect solution to one’s sleep apnea.

Auto CPAP Air Pressure Treatments

Everyone has different and unique sleeping habits and sleeping stages throughout the night, which can sometimes make it very uncomfortable and give unwanted sleeping experiences for patients with CPAP machines using either a basic or bi-level air pressure treatment. The auto-adjusting CPAP machine automatically adjusts the air pressure treatment throughout the entire night allowing for a comfortable night of rest. Whether one is breathing lightly, deeply, or one rolls over in one’s sleep the auto-adjusting air pressure from the APAP machine will be able to provide the right about of air pressure to prevent the airway from collapsing while the muscles in the throat are in a relaxed state.


Sleep apnea and snoring are best treated using positive airflow pressure which causes the airway to remain open and free from obstructions caused by the airway’s soft tissues. Which type of positive airflow pressure one needs depends upon the results from a sleep study and the prescription from one’s doctor. Positive airflow pressure machines are developed by many companies such as Respironics, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Puritan Bennett and others.

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  1. Sleeping is the most important to stay healthy. If there is a disturbance in sleeping then it causes irritation, aggressiveness, high blood pressure, low concentration and various other effects. It’s really good to know about the CPAP machines. It’s better than having a sleeping pills or any other medicines. 

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