Traveling With Your CPAP Machine

Traveling anywhere, whether it be nationally or internationally, can be a very unexpected process. One thing to consider is to have the necessary documentation with you which will alert medical personnel or anyone helping during a medical emergency that you suffer from sleep apnea.  OUr suggestion is to purchase a medical emergency card and keep it in your wallet or purse during your travels. This card will give specific information about the severity of your condition and ensure that any medical help you receive will not cause any further harm.

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Befor packing up your CPAP machine and CPAP mask for travel, make sure that all replaceable parts are new or in good working order.  One never knows what you will have access to while traveling. Replace the filters in the machine, replace a degraded mask cushion or headgear and check tubing connections. To remove any hassle while traveling, consider adding a medical tag on your machine travel bag. This will make going through any form of a bag check or security much easier. Home Sleep Testing

Depending on the length of the trip, bringing proper cleaning supplies should also be considered. Making sure that your CPAP mask and tubing is clean in order to prevent bacteria or germs from spreading can help eliminate any potential colds or congestion during your trip. Because we are constantly getting these types of calls, consider packing an extra mask, extension cord, or tube because things tend to break when least expected.  If you are nervous about overpacking, don’t be. It’s better to pack a little bit of extra equipment, than to leave your house without everything that you’ll need.

Reposted with permission from blogger Kath Hope’s original article.

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