Travel CPAP & Batteries - All You Need to Know

Travel CPAP & Batteries - All You Need to Know

August 18, 2010 | |

CPAP patients should never sleep without their machines. That is why a number of CPAP manufacturers are producing travel CPAP machines - so users can continue their therapy on the go, away from home. However, for individuals who are camping or without access to power, a travel CPAP isn't enough. Here is everything you need to know about travel CPAP and batteries.

Can CPAP Run on Batteries?

The short answer is yes. Popular CPAP manufacturers, such as ResMed and Philips Respironics make their own batteries to power their machines. Other companies, such as Battery Power Solutions and Medistrom also produce batteries that power popular CPAP machines.

When selecting a battery for your travel CPAP machine, it is important to make sure the devices are compatible. Some machines operate at different voltages, so the improper battery could damage your machine. Reference your CPAP's technical specifications, located in the user manual, to determine which battery may work best for you.

CPAP Travel Batteries

As mentioned, there are a number of choices when it comes to CPAP batteries. We've listed a few of the more popular options below.

Freedom Travel Battery V2

The Freedom Travel CPAP Battery V2 provides between 12-24V of variable output power, making it ideal for most machines. A backlit LCD screen provides crucial information, such as remaining battery life. Additionally, you can link two Freedom batteries together for higher pressure settings or longer trips. A USB 3.0 port also allows you to easily charge devices at the same time as your CPAP.

The Freedom Travel CPAP Battery is ideal for travel CPAPs such as the AirMini, DreamStation Go, and the Transcend 3.

Portable Outlet Battery

One of the newest CPAP travel batteries at The CPAP Shop is the Portable Outlet Battery. This device provides 155W of portable power to most CPAP machines - simply plug your device into the portable outlet on the battery. In addition to charging your CPAP machine, this portable battery includes two USB ports for charging additional devices. An LED indicator lets you know that the battery is working.

Medistrom Pilot Series

Lastly, the Medistrom Pilot 12 and Medistrom Pilot 24 batteries are popular choices for CPAP patients looking for portable power. The Pilot 12 battery is compatible with Philips Respironics CPAP machines, while the Pilot 24 is compatible with ResMed devices. Both can provide up to 16 hours of battery life, depending on CPAP machine settings.

Powering Your CPAP Machine While Traveling

When traveling, you should take certain things into account including how long you will be gone, how you are traveling and where you are traveling.   If traveling overseas, most CPAP’s will work as long as you have a plug adapter or are using travel CPAP batteries. Most lithium-ion batteries are approved by the FAA for in-flight use, but you may want to contact your airline prior to flying to confirm.

Batteries are also useful in case the power unexpectedly goes out, or the campsite generator stops working. Most machines will automatically switch to battery power if AC power is suddenly interrupted. This way, CPAP therapy continues. Once AC power is restored, the device will switch back, conserving your battery's life.

So Which Travel CPAP Machine Is Best?

Your choice in CPAP battery will be determined by the travel CPAP machine you select. There are many options, including:

Each device has their own pros & cons, depending on patient needs. For example, if you need humidification while traveling, the DreamStation Go is the only one that offers a refillable humidifier. If you need lightweight and compact, the AirMini is the clear winner.

Refer to article on how to choose a travel CPAP machine to make a decision based on your needs. From there, you can select what battery you require. If you still have questions, or need additional information on traveling with CPAP and batteries, contact our knowledgeable customer care team.

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