Bleep Developing N95 Conversion Kit for Use With COVID-19

Our friends at Bleep, LLC are developing a possible solution to use CPAP or BiPAP therapy for COVID-19. Use of a protective mask with the Bleep interface for CPAP could reduce the amount of aerosol released into the environment. The video below shows how the DreamPort interface could be used with an N95 mask. Note: The N95 conversion kit is for hospitals only and will not be sold to consumers.

What is Bleep?

The DreamPort Sleep Solution from Bleep is an innovative headgear-free solution to CPAP masks. Instead, the patented solution uses medical-grade adhesive strips to hold Dreamport seas in place. No more waking up with red lines on your face or creases in your hair. To learn more, click here.

Is Bleep available for purchase?

The Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution is available for purchase here. The starter kit is currently priced at $84. However, the N95 Bleep conversion kit is not available for purchase. Prices may change.

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Chris Vasta

Chris Vasta is the president of The CPAP Shop and an expert in sleep and respiratory therapy. He often provides insights on product design and functionality on various manufacturers’ prototypes and is frequently tapped to provide reviews on new releases.