ResMed CPAP Uses and Tips

ResMed CPAP Uses and Tips

Snoring is one of the signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a medical condition causing the sleeper to stop breathing and, in turn, increases the risk of stroke or heart attack. About 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with (OSA).The most common treatment for moderate or severe OSA is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine which is used with a mask that is worn while sleeping to increase the air pressure in the throat. This positive air pressure helps keep the airway from collapsing while breathing in. CPAP masks come in a few forms;a mask that covers the nose and mouth, a mask that covers only the nose (NCPAP), or prongs that fit into the nose. In addition, recent technological advances allow some machines to sense breathing patterns and automatically adjust air pressure when the patient inhales or exhales. CPAP machines are supposed to be used every nightbut, unfortunately, up to 83% of patients do not use CPAP as directed. By skipping even one night patients can feel the affects of a poor nights sleep.

The reasons patients tend to stop CPAP treatment is because that using a CPAP machine is difficult to get used to and can cause some problems, such as:

  • Dry nose, nasal congestion or runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Eye or skin irritation
  • Nightmares
  • Bloating

The good news is that patients may be able to adjust or modify the CPAP mask or machine to eliminate most of the problems associated with CPAP use. For example, by using a humidifier, decongestant, or a nasal spray, nasal irritation can be reduced. Additionally, allowing the CPAP machine to ramp up slowly while the patient drifts into sleep may help getting used to the positive flow of air pressure into the nose and mouth..

The most common reasons patients stop using CPAP are nasal congestion, trouble breathing because of the amount of air coming into the mask, dry or sore throat, air leaking out of the mask, or sore spots on the nose and face. New CPAP machines like the Resmed S9 address all these common problems, providing much more likelihood that patients will continue to use the machine every night.

Let’s discuss each of these problems individually.It is important to note that a physician should be consulted before trying any of these tips.

Many CPAP users complain of nasal congestion and a dry or sore throat.In addition to using a saline spray in each nostril before going to bed, some doctors also recommend a nasal decongestant. However, the problem may be solved without any medication simply by using a CPAP humidifier which adds moisture to the forced air. The CPAP Resmed S9 has a built in humidifier system that automatically delivers the optimal temperature and humidity, ensuring that condensation does not form in the mask or tube and provides the most comfortable sleep therapy possible. To help prevent condensation, the tube is heated so that air flowing into the mask remains at the appropriate temperature. Sometimes using a chinstrap can help to keep the patient’s mouth closed during sleep, reducing sore throats and dry mouths.

Many CPAP users find it hard to breathe because the amount of air flowing into the mask seems overwhelming. The CPAP Resmed S9 auto not only has a ramp feature that allows air pressure to increase slowly but automatically adjusts to the patients necessary settings to allow the patient to have a natural and comfortable sleeping experience.

Older CPAP machines tend to be noisy and disturb the sleep of the patient and the patient’s partner.The CPAP Resmed S9 machine is the one of the quietest machine on the market, allowing for a wake free night sleep for everyone.

One of the most important aspects of CPAP is a comfortable mask.Many CPAP users have trouble finding the correct mask size or properly adjusting the mask headgear. This may cause leakage and noise. With adjustable chinstraps and head straps, the mask can be customized for a perfect fit.In some cases, it may be appropriate to resize the mask to make sure it is the proper fit for the user to alleviate a more severe mask issue.Finally, there are also some accessories such as pads that slip over the straps to keep them from rubbing the skin and can be purchased for added comfort

New technology and comfort features on CPAP machines like the Resmed S9 will help alleviate the problem patients struggle with that causes misuse or stoppage of the CPAP therapy.It's important to realize that patients may have to make adjustments and wait a few months to see improvement. Once adjustments and modifications are made and the comfort level rises, CPAP therapy can provide for a very important aspect to quality of life and help patients get the sleep they require.

Sue McCrossin is a marketing consultant working with TheCPAPShop to educate patients about the Resmed CPAP advances.We providing quality CPAP Machines and sleep aid products and excellent customer service to help get the rest you need and improve the quality of life.

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