Design Award for Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

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One of the newest CPAP masks on the market is also one of the easiest to use and most comfortable. The Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP mask comes from a manufacturer with a solid reputation for introducing the highest-quality products for sleep apnea patients. This time, Fisher & Paykel may have hit a new high point.

Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

• Features a comfortable nasal cushion that contours the nostrils for a reduction in red marks and irritation

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The Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask: Supreme Comfort in an Award-winning Design

One of the most challenging aspects of therapy is finding a mask that’s both comfortable and is effective. The F & P Brevida nasal pillow is all of that and more. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Soft, inflatable nasal pillows with side supports means less chance of slippage during sleep
  • Enhanced stability with a specialized clip locks the pillow into place
  • The comfortable, adjustable, easy-to-wear headgear is flexible and has minimal contact points on the user’s face
  • Includes both XS/S and M/L pillows for user preference
  • The bottom of the tubing swivels conveniently and fits all CPAP and BiPAP machines
  • Innovative VisiBlue which makes disassembly and reassembly simple

Another great feature of the Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP mask is a diffuser filter that’s washable, extremely quiet, and keeps air from disturbing the person in bed next to the user. The idea behind the Brevida is that the wearer gets the full therapeutic effect without involving disrupting anybody else.

Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask is a Winner of an Important Product Design Award

In February of 2017, the Fisher & Paykel Brevida received the iF International Forum Design GmbH’s prestigious Product Design award. The honor has been bestowed on superior design innovations across multiple categories since 1953.

“Our goal for Brevida was to create a truly user friendly experience when it comes to assembling, fitting and using the mask,” Jason Huang, senior product development manager for the Brevida, said in a company press release about the award.
“This is a global acknowledgment from independent experts on the quality of our product design,” Huang said. “Our design process is all about doing what’s best for the patient, so it’s great to have that recognized with this award.”
The Brevida was among more than 5,500 products from nearly 60 countries assessed for the award, the judging of which took into consideration elements such as usability/ergonomics and aesthetic/design quality. It was the third time a Fisher & Paykel product has been honored by the design organization, the first two being for its F&P Pilairo mask and Optiflow Junior nasal cannula.

Chris Vasta from The CPAP Shop has created a product review video of the Brevida CPAP Mask that you can view here:

A Few More Things to Know About the Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

The Brevida’s air pillow seal is unique in that it fits somewhat looser than other nasal pillows. This means there’s less pressure on the nostrils when air inflates the pillow. Multiple tests have shown that the Brevida’s seal is both easy on the nares of the nose and incredibly effective.  The headgear is available to fit various sizes. It loops through the clips to attach to the frame of the mask and is easy to adjust.

Finally, the Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP mask comes with two air pillow sizes: extra small/small, and medium/large. The package (shipped free through The CPAP Shop) includes the mask frame, air pillows in both sizes, headgear and clips, mask tube, and two mask diffusers.

You can learn more about the Fisher & Paykel Brevida and order one for yourself at The CPAP Shop, a leading provider of equipment and devices for the treatment of sleep apnea. America counts on us to bring to patients the latest and most advanced products that assist them with better sleep and a healthier life. If you have questions about any of our products, you can reach us by phone toll-free at (866) 414-9700.

Chris Vasta


Chris Vasta

Over a 10+ year career at PHH Mortgage managing a $100 million portfolio, Chris Vasta learned the ins and outs of the business world. He learned how to establish business relationships, lead a multi-prong team, and implement strategies for long-term growth. In 2007, Vasta used that experience to transition his role into president of The CPAP Shop. Over his tenure, Vasta has been involved in everything from website design to warehouse layout. His hands-on approach with customers has evolved into an in-depth understanding of the challenges of beginning and adhering to sleep therapy. He often provides his insights on product…

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  • Katy Hair

    Chris, I’m having a problem with the diffuser. It keeps falling off while I sleep! I have lost it three times now! My husband even duct taped the last one on the edges, but when the adhesive wore off, the diffuser fell off & once again we can’t find it! It is so frustrating! Why would they design a piece that is so defective that the slightest movement causes it to fall off? Is it essential or can I just cover up that whole area with tape and forget about it? It’s getting very expensive to keep replacing that very small plastic part & I’m disabled!

    • Chris Vasta

      Hello, Katy. I am sorry to hear that the diffuser is causing an issue for you. The reusable diffuser elbow cover for the Brevida is an optional item that will reduce noise. However, please do not cover that area because that is where the exhalation port is located.

  • Nancy

    If the medium Nuance Pro pillow is a perfect fit for me, would I order the small or the med-large?

  • Jeff Ursillo

    I recently purchased the Brevida and unfortunately, it does not live up to all the promises. The mask does NOT seal well at all and almost constantly leaks. The slightest movement of your head can cause it to leak and need to be re-seated under the nose.

    • Chris Vasta

      HI Jeff,
      Perhaps the Brevida mask does not fit your face correctly. Many people have very good luck with the Brevida as evidenced by the positive feedback on the product. However everyone’s face is different. If you bought the mask from our online store, we recommend you call our staff to troubleshoot. It nothing works, we have the 30 day mask guarantee and you can simply return the mask and try one in a different size or of a different brand. It is best to chat or speak with one of our customer service representatives who can help you first though.

  • Debra Marshall

    It would like to try.

  • Diane Whitt

    How much are they

  • Jennifer Radtke

    I was wondering if I needed prescription to get this mask?

  • shannon helton

    does it come in xl

    • Chris Vasta

      It comes in petite, small and medium large….unfortunately no extra large as of yet. But we will make this suggestion to the manufacturer.

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