Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask Review

Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask Review

The Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask is a brand new mask, featuring both AutoFit™ and AutoLock™ technologies, that allow simple mask usage and fitting for all users. Being the world’s first AutoFit Mask, this mask simply stretches over your head and onto your face. This mask has an innovative design, and 93% of trial users rated their experience with the F&P Solo mask as simple or very simple. This CPAP mask can dynamically respond to a user’s movement in their sleep, reducing the risk of air leaks throughout the night. Learn more about this mask in this article!

Parts of the Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal Mask

mask components of the fisher & paykel solo nasal maskmask components of the fisher & paykel solo nasal mask
Parts Function
Headgear A revolutionary design that allows for easy adjustment during the night
Cushion Sits under the nose and only needs a gentle push to seal properly, thanks to the AutoLock technology
Frame Easily and securely holds the cushion in place
Tube Moves with the patients as they sleep and connects to CPAP tubing

Features of the Fisher & Paykel Nasal Solo Mask

solo mask 3d viewsolo mask 3d view

Revolutionary Headgear

This mask includes a new technology created by Fisher & Paykel called AutoFit, an innovative feature that makes mask fitting simple to do for all CPAP users. Its design replaces the traditional side straps of other masks and instead has a stretch-to-fit design, allowing patients to easily stretch the headgear over their heads. Once the headgear is sitting properly around your head, its touch-to-adjust feature only needs one touch to seal it in place. This headgear design lessens the chance of a user incorrectly fitting their mask, promoting a successful and comfortable treatment. 

One-touch Adjustment

A CPAP patient can adjust their mask to their preferred fit by sealing their cushion under their nose with one gentle push. The AutoLock technology incorporated into this mask securely holds the mask in place all night long while a user sleeps. Because of this design, users can move around in their sleep and still have a secure fit.

Minimal Parts

Thanks to its innovative design, this mask consists of only a few parts, making it easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance. 

F&P myMask™ App

The Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal Mask has a companion application called myMask, downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This user-friendly app provides support to a CPAP user setting up their mask. It also has educational video instructions, mask-fitting tips, and ongoing support. 

FIsher & Paykel Solo Nasal MaskFIsher & Paykel Solo Nasal Mask

Customer Reviews of the Solo Mask

I tried this mask for several nights. I was intrigued by the design and the look of comfort, but I wear a Full-Face mask nightly. I decided to try it anyway and use a Chin Strap. The mask cushion is very soft and comfortable. It is easy to adjust and put on, which allows you to get to sleep without too many things to clip or adjust. I like the mask design and think I may be a Nasal mask wearer now. - Review by Karen

I like the look and design of the Solo mask. I was worried that the headgear felt a little loose on initial placement, but the way it's designed kept a really good seal after minor adjustments of the back straps. The headgear itself is soft and comfortable. I am used to wearing a nasal mask that goes over the bridge of my nose and was pleasantly surprised at the seal and ability to still be active (clear line of sight) while having the mask on. Ease of use, great seal, very nice mask. - Review by Holly


I've used the Solo for a couple of nights. It is similar to the N30, but with better headgear. I love how it can pull back in order to adjust it and then return to normal so you get a good seal. While I normally use a Large, I actually had to use Medium. That's an indication that this mask runs true to size. I think that 85%+ will be able to wear this mask in a Medium. I'm a side-sleeper and the mask never became dislodged. I also found the mask to be pretty quiet. This is going to be a good mask for people! - Review by Anthony

How To Fit Your F&P Solo Mask

How to put on F&P Nasal solo maskHow to put on F&P Nasal solo mask
  1. Anchor the grey strap of the headgear behind your head and pull it forward to stretch your headgear over your head.
  2. Position the cushion under your nose and adjust the orange strap to sit at the top of your head.
  3. Connect the swivel to your CPAP tubing and turn on your CPAP machine.
  4. To loosen the headgear, pull the cushion away from the nose. To tighten your fit, push the cushion closer to your nose. 

How to Disassemble the Solo Mask

  1. Unclip the front of the headgear from the frame, located in front of the exhaust holes.
  2.  Gently pull the cushion out from the frame. 

Video Review & Fitting Tutorial of the Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask

Where Can I Buy the Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal Mask?

This mask is available for you to order online at The CPAP Shop. If you would like assistance purchasing or would like to learn more about this mask or any of the other products we offer, give our knowledgeable staff a call at 866-414-9700 today.

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