Frequently Asked Questions about Nebulizer Machines

March 14, 2014 | CPAP Shop News |

What is a Nebulizer Machine and What Does it Do?

These machines are typically used to treat the symptoms of asthma. The nebulizer is the mechanism used to deliver the medication in mist form to help alleviate these symptoms. The medication comes in liquid form which, when installed into the nebulizer machine, is converted into a mist which makes it easy to inhale. Sometimes referred to as a breathing treatment, is effective in infants and small children who need medication or anyone who struggles with asthma.

When Do You Need a Nebulizer? Do You Need a Prescription?

Nebulizers are prescribed by a doctor to anyone who needs to inhale medication usually to treat asthma. The medication can be used for immediate need or preventative maintenance. A prescription by a licensed doctor is required.

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How Do You Set Up and Use a System?

Putting together and using this device is a simple procedure. Firstly, you will need to connect the nebulizer mask to the nebulizer with the compressor tubing provided with the machine. Attach the premeasured medication into the fitting of the nebulizer. The medication is premeasured so you use the appropriate amount each time nebulizers are used. Once you are ready, place the mask securely on the face correcting for any leaks. It is important to take long deep breathes while inhaling the medication to allow it to settle in the lungs. The treatment should last as long as there is medication remaining.

What Do You Put in Nebulizers?

Medication prescribed by your doctor will be converted into a mist in order to inhale from the nebulizer. Two types of medication, Albuterol or Alupent, are used to relieve asthma attacks quickly by opening up the airways. These start to act immediately and last for up to four hours.

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How Do You Clean Nebulizer Machines?

Like any other piece of medical equipment, it is important to clean and disinfect after each use. Cleaning is simple and should be done with plain soapy warm water. Refrain from using strong or harsh detergents especially those with a scent. Simply disconnect the mask and tubing from the nebulizer. The mask, if not disposable, should be washed and let air dried. It is not necessary to clean the tubing daily. However, cleaning on a weekly basis is recommended. If you prefer to disinfect your nebulizer mask, use a 1/3 ratio of vinegar to water. Let the mask soak for 10 minutes and rinse well so not residue remains. Allow to air dry. Remember that having a proper cleaning regiment help to stave off any types of infection.

Do you have more questions about Nebulizer Machines, feel free to ask us via comments we will be happy to answer you.

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Chris Vasta

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  • Damari Jordan-Onchiri

    How often should I replace my machine?

    • Chris Vasta

      Hello Damari. Hello Damari. The life expectancy of most cpap machines is about three to five years, according to Resmed. If maintenance is kept up with some machines have been know to last longer.

  • Jim Peters

    on your site it says nebulizers require an RX? How come I can buy all over the internet without one? and at Amazon? it is not required.

    • Chris Vasta

      Hi Jim, you may be looking at a different website. We do not require an RX for nebulizer purchases.

      • Tia

        When do you need a nebulizer? Do you need a prescription?
        Nebulizers are prescribed by a doctor to anyone who needs to inhale medication usually to treat asthma. The medication can be used for an immediate need or preventative maintenance. A prescription by a licensed doctor is required.

        That is literally what is says above..

        • Chris Vasta

          Correct, nebulizers are used to dispense medication for asthma and other respiratory conditions. The medication for a nebulizer can only be prescribed by a licensed doctor. We can allow the purchase of a nebulizer without a prescription, but we do not provide any medications for the use of that device.

  • Rose Brown

    Nebulizer machine please Rosa Brown from Dallas Texas Rose Brown from Dallas Texas need help with a nebulizer machine breathing machine I can’t believe I’m coughing too much I’m coughing can’t stop coughing thank you have a blessed day

    • Chris Vasta

      Hi Rose, coughing is normal when using a nebulizer. This means it is working to break up the material in your chest to help clear it. However if you are in severe pain, please seek medical assistance immediately.

  • Konica

    Can i buy the Medic Nebuliser on my medical aid?

    • Chris Vasta

      Hi Konica! We do accept FSA and HSA health cards for purchases. We do not work with insurance, however, we do provie you with a hard copy of the invoice that you may submit to your provider for possible reimbursement.

  • shanna

    I just got one. CVS doesn’t carry them. Walgreens needs a prescription! Why! OH!

    • Timothy Greathouse

      You can get one at I bought the same one used in hospitals

    • Vicki

      If they require a prescription why can you order them online at Amazon? Does that require a prescription?

      • Chris Vasta

        HI Vicki,
        Amazon should not be selling the nebulizer machine without asking for a prescription. Additionally Amazon is not an authorized dealer.
        A nebulizer machine is considered a durable medical device and thus is “RX only” in this case. We don’t know why that is the case, but it is.

        • Austin H

          So which is it? right above this comment you said “you do not need a prescription for the machine” then in this comment you say you do need a prescription for just the machine. There cannot be 2 different answers to this question.

  • Michael Smith

    My pharmacy won’t sell me the disposable nebulizer without a prescription……6 wks ago they did? But this pharmacist won’t where the other did. I have found some will and some won’t. It sucks for me with emphysema, i can’t breath, and they think it’s a freaking game. It’s a darn plastic cup for crying out loud. Not an opioid, not a needle, not any way to get high with it…..our RX system sucks. As long we keep getting sick and dying, the pharmaceutical companys are getting rich on plastic cups and rubber hoses. Shame on them….

  • Marcia

    I don’t know if Chris Vasta is still employed by you, if so please have him/her update information on the nebulizer. They DO NOT require a prescription from a doctor…..only the medication does.

  • Bette Mathias

    Presently have table top drive power nebulizer. Need 12volt for car. What do you recommend?


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