Philips Respironics DreamStation vs ResMed AirSense 10 – Auto CPAP Comparison

At The CPAP Shop, we have created a side-by-side CPAP machine comparison, looking at two of our most favored machines: the Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto and the ResMed AirSense 10 Auto.

Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto

The Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto is an innovative, low-profile machine that is 18% smaller and 28% lighter than its predecessor. The sleek, stylish design includes a front-facing, color screen that displays daily progress and a top-mounted humidifier hose swivel.

ResMed AirSense 10 Auto

The ResMed AirSense 10 Auto is a premium sleep therapy machine. It is designed to automatically adjust the air pressure delivery throughout the night, ensuring that you always receive the lowest pressure needed. The ResMed team has also created the AirSense 10 Auto for Her—featuring an algorithm uniquely designed to respond to female-specific sleep apnea characteristics. With each version, the top priority is to provide comfort while delivering effective therapy.

ResMed AirSense 10

• An auto-adjusting device for treating sleep apnea that includes a built-in humidifier, is whisper-quiet, and offers free shipping

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Side-by-Side Auto CPAP Machine Comparison

 DreamStation AutoAirSense 10 Auto
Warranty2 with an option for 5 years2 years
Sound Level25.8 dBa26 dBa
APAP Weight1.56 lbs2.75 lbs
APAP + Humidifier Weight2.75 lbs2.75 lbs
Size7.6 x 6.2 x 3.34.6 x 10.0 x 5.91
Cold HumidifierYesYes
Standard/Auto ModeAuto and FixedAuto and Fixed
Pressure Range4-20 cm H2O4-20 cm H2O
Exhale Pressure ReliefYesYes
Battery OperableYesYes
Leak CompensationYesYes
Heated TubingOptionalOptional
FiltersPollen and Ultra-FineUltra-Fine
Bluetooth connectivityYesYes
Ambient lightYesYes

Feedback from Users

Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto Feedback

“Extremely satisfied with comfort and ease of use.” – Review by Max

The unit is very quiet and also light weight. I have no problems with the humidifier and I love the heated tubing which I have never used before. I have been using CPAP for 19 years. The new technologies incorporated into the Dream Station is very useful and amazing !!!

“Best Machine Ever” – Review by ChristheOwl

Had the DreamStation for 6 months and I gotta say that I LOVE IT!! Best machine I ever had. I have the battery pack and use it camping (no humidifier though). Works perfect.

“simply the best” – Review by bigdutch

Tried and used 3 different ones. This one is simply the best, most useable, versatile, quiet and very efficient.

ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier Feedback

“Awesome machine, worth the price” – Review by Mouthbreather

After many hours of research, this was the best. I am so happy with it. It is small and quiet. I also use the heated tubing with this machine. It is the perfect set up. I have traveled with this, used it in hotels with no issue. Comes with a perfect travel case, also. I also love being able to log into the ResMed website and track my progress with the machine.

“The AirSense 10” – Review by Steveo

My wife had purchased this unit last year. I just started a CPAP and purchased the AirSense 10. Both of us love this machine. It’s very quiet, great functions and nice carrying case for when we have to travel. Definitely a great purchase!

“Great machine” – Review by Victor G

I started using this machine about a month ago and I love it. My wife says that I stopped snoring. I sleep much better and I’m so tired during the day. Should have done this years ago.

So, Which One is the Winner? Which is better AirSense 10 or DreamStation?

While both CPAP machines match in quality, there are a few characteristics that make one preferred over the other. First, The DreamStation is the more lightweight and compact machine, making it by far the best choice for frequent travel. The AirSense 10 delivers more features and functionality while still providing portability.

For users who travel and want the basics, the DreamStation is the ideal CPAP machine. For users who like sleep coaching services and an integrated humidifier in their travel CPAP, the AirSense 10 delivers.

If you have any questions about either the Philips Respironics DreamStation or the ResMed AirSense 10, call our customer care team at 866-414-9700 or email

Chris Vasta


Chris Vasta

Over a 10+ year career at PHH Mortgage managing a $100 million portfolio, Chris Vasta learned the ins and outs of the business world. He learned how to establish business relationships, lead a multi-prong team, and implement strategies for long-term growth. In 2007, Vasta used that experience to transition his role into president of The CPAP Shop. Over his tenure, Vasta has been involved in everything from website design to warehouse layout. His hands-on approach with customers has evolved into an in-depth understanding of the challenges of beginning and adhering to sleep therapy. He often provides his insights on product…

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  • Dinyar M. Dalal

    Re: ResMed AirSense 10, MyAir, Autoset
    The air filter plastic Cover is very hard to open and the two very thin and flimsy hinges broke when I tried to open the cover to replace air filter. Now it does not fit tight and unfiltered air could be getting inside. I am using a masking tape to hold the filter door/cover. I will appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

  • Khalid Zarrar

    Dear Sir ,
    your comparison among two machines is helpful for patient. Please provide the prices with all accessories. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Best Regards,
    Khalid Zarrar

    • Chris Vasta

      There are many great mask options, as well as different accessories you can purchase in addition to the machine order. Therefore, it is not feasible to provide a general estimate. If you would like a quote for a machine with a specific mask and/or accessories, please call our customer service representatives at 1-(866)-414-9700.

  • Dennis Scott

    Since both machines can be operated with a battery, how type battery is needed and is there any special requirements to using a battery. I am thinking of when camping. Thanks.

  • B. Shaver

    APAP vs BiPAP. I’ve been using a Phillips Respironics BiPAP autoSV Advanced – System One for almost 5 years. Before that I was using CPAP. But I was swallowing a lot of air. The BiPap solved that problem and it has served me well. It is due to be replaced as it is starting to make a high pitched whining noise. So I would like to know what the difference is between APAP and BiPAP and if I should consider switching.

    • Chris Vasta

      APAP is the term used for Automatic positive airway pressure, in regard to CPAPs. You would want to stick with the AutoSV BiPAP machine unless otherwise directed by your physician. A CPAP has a single pressure and a BiPAP has two pressures, one for the inhalation pressure, and another for the exhalation pressure.

  • Bill Offutt

    I have an Air Sense 10 Auto with an oxygen input tap integral to the end of the tubing (heated) where it plugs in (into with what looks like metal contacts) into the main Air Sense body. This tap has a plug so if oxygen is not connected, the tap can be plugged. I’ve tried eliminating the oxygen input for traveling and camping (i really don’t need the 1L/min ) by disconnecting the oxygen line and using the plug. This seems to affect the whole operation of the IPAP; when I try to sleep this way, I don’t seem to get the normal presure controls in the mask. Is the system affected by eliminating the oxygen input? Thanks

    • Chris Vasta

      It is not recommended to cease using cpap and or oxygen therapy with at first consulting your physician. If your physician clears it you could use standard tubing with out the connection for the oxygen.
      With the Oxy tubing you are currently using, if the little branch for oxygen is not plugged in, it will cause high leakage. This will cause the machine not to function properly.

  • maurice roumani

    1) I am using Resmed Cpap machine for over 10 years! I use Resmed Autoset EPR with nasal pillows. Now I feel my voice has been deeply affected. My throat doctor tells me that my vocal cords are fine. So what is the solution? How can I get my voice back?

    2)Can I use boiled water instead of distilled water for my humidifier?

    Much appreciate your advice.
    Dr. Maurice Roumani, professor emeritus

    • Chris Vasta

      Hello, Dr. Roumani.
      It seems like you may be opening your mouth while you sleep, which could be the catalyst. If you wake up with cotton mouth, this is likely the case. If this is the case, It is recommended to use a full face ask. Anther option would be to incorporate a chin strap or SomnFix mouth strip with your current nasal pillow mask. Her is the link on our site for the SomniFix Mouth Strips: The type of water should not affect the humidification process, but you always want to use distilled water whenever possible, so you don’t get mineral build up on your equipment. If you have not attempted to adjust the humidification levels on the humidifier, I would suggest doing that as well. Thank you for reaching out and I hope you get y our voice back to normal soon.

      • B. Shaver

        Hi, Dr. Roumani, just a comment about using your own water. Instead of boiling the water, you can easily make your own distilled water. Just buy a small Mr. Coffee type drip coffee maker. They are cheap. Then instead of putting coffee in the basket get a carbon water filter cartridge that is used for home water filtration. Open it up and put some of the granulated carbon in the basket in the paper filter. Now fill the coffee maker with your plain water. When the water runs through it turns to steam and then condenses back to water. Therefore you have just made your own distilled water! I have been using CPAP/BiPAP for 13 years now and have not had any problems with this. I make enough of the water to rinse out the humidifier first, then fill it for the night. Hope that helps.

  • Ralph Odom

    I have a ResMed 9 that has a functional humidifier but the machine needs a pressure or flow sensor. I just upgraded to the ResMed 10. I also have new in the sealed package containers several heated tubes and about 3 water tubs in sealed original containers. I am considering donating these items. Any interest?

  • Joanne French

    I have used a CPAP machine since early 2006- and have had several machines. the older ones seem to have used all the water during the night,,,, my newest one uses ALL of the water,, and seems none left for last few hours. this new one seems much quieter, which is good,,, but far more expensive. Maybe this will be my last machine,,,,, hope so !


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