Respironics’ New Amara Gel Full Face CPAP Mask

September 03, 2013 | CPAP Reviews & Ratings |

A few months ago, Respironics released the Amara Full Face CPAP Mask with a silicone cushion. Many of the Amara’s features make using the mask very easy and simple for patients. For example, the silicone cushion quickly snaps on and off with one click. Likewise, the forehead spacer features a one-click design and has talon clips that easily detach and reattach the headgear. Like most features of the Amara Full Face Mask, even the quick release tubing pops right on and off. The Amara mask also has a very quiet whisper swivel and exhalation port.

What’s new about this mask is that it’s now available with a gel cushion. Patients will receive greater comfort from a gel cushion as opposed to that of a silicone cushion.

Philips Respironics Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask

• The Amara View mask uses the first-of-its-kind design to combine all the preferred aspects of a full-face mask and nasal pillow in one

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Amara Gel Full Face CPAP Mask

Respironics recently released the Amara Gel Full Face CPAP Mask. What’s great about the gel cushion is its convenience. It too is built with one-click design features, and it’s interchangeable with the silicone mask. Plus it will work with all of Respironics’ machines. The gel cushion on the Amara Gel Full Face CPAP Mask has an outer flap that is also made of gel and is available in four sizes: petite, small, medium, and large. It also has a standard swivel, so any tubing will connect with it.

If you already have the silicone mask and want to try the Amara Gel Full Face CPAP Mask, you can simply purchase the gel mask piece and pop it on your existing frame. If you’ve never tried either type of mask and aren’t sure which you would prefer, Respironics offers a Fit Pack, which includes both the silicone and gel masks, plus a frame and headgear.

Parts are sold separately, so if you damage the headgear or the mask, you can purchase either of those parts without having to completely replace all of the equipment.

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