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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer Review

January 17, 2022 | |

This post was originally posted on August 22, 2019, and updated on January 17, 2022.

Keeping your CPAP mask and tubing clean is an important step in ensuring your sleep therapy is effective. While there are several ways to accomplish this daily task, the easiest and most efficient way is to use a CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. These devices automatically eliminate 99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses from your equipment. Joining the SoClean 2 and Lumin is Sleep8, a new, innovative travel CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

How Does the Sleep8 Work?

The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer was designed for simplicity, ease of use. Users simply unplug their CPAP tube from their CPAP or BiPAP machine and re-attach it into the universal port inside the bag. Lastly, just place the CPAP mask and hose inside the bag and seal it.

Using activated oxygen, the Sleep8 cleans, sterilizes, and sanitizes the CPAP equipment without the use of water. The ozone cleaning technique disinfects the equipment, eliminating the breeding ground for germs, mold or other contaminants.

While other models use pressurized air pumps and fans to clean the equipment, the Sleep8 is silent. It also has built-in safety features, such as one-way flapper valves and a safety shut-off to prevent the unit from running when not properly connected.

Does the Sleep8 Work with my Machine or Mask?

The Sleep8 works with all masks, heated or non-heated tubing, headgear, or humidifier chamber. It requires no special adapters or connectors. Simply place the equipment in the sanitizing bag and press start.

How Long Does a Cycle Take?

Once you hit start, a full sanitization cycle takes approximately one hour. The Sleep8 will automatically turn off when complete.

How do I Charge the Battery?

Plug in the Sleep8 with a micro USB charger to begin charging the device. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the device and each charge will last for two cleaning cycles.

Can I travel with the Sleep8?

The Sleep8 is a lightweight, small device that is cordless and waterless. It is the perfect travel CPAP cleaner and sanitizer and packs nicely in your suitcase or carry-on.

Is there a warranty?

The Sleep8 comes with an 18-month warranty for the device, 12-month warranty for the charger and 3-month warranty for the bag. Replacement parts are available at The CPAP Shop.

What are our customers saying?

“The Sleep8 has worked great! It's small enough to use for travel. I like that it has a battery and is easy to charge. The best feature for me is the size of the bag. Unlike other small sanitizing machines, the Sleep8 Bag is big enough for me to fit my mask, tubing, and my entire CPAP Machine without having to take anything apart. That's really convenient! When I let everything rest for about an hour after the cycle is complete, I find the ozone smell dissipates well. Overall, a great product!” – Ant on 4/12/2019.

At The CPAP Shop, our knowledgeable team is here to help you pick the right products to match your individual needs. If you have any questions on the Sleep8 or any other products, please give us a call or send us an email. We’re always happy to help!

Chris Vasta

Chris Vasta is the president of The CPAP Shop and an expert in sleep and respiratory therapy. He often provides insights on product design and functionality on various manufacturers’ prototypes and is frequently tapped to provide reviews on new releases.