Using the SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

October 27, 2016 | CPAP Reviews & Ratings |

The CPAP Shop explains how the SoClean2 CPAP cleaner allows you to eliminate mask wipes and sanitize your CPAP equipment to be 99.9% bacteria-free! 

The machine works with most CPAP machines and masks, and no water is needed. When you use the SoClean to sanitize your CPAP mask, tubing and reservoir, you do not have to disassemble the mask, tubing and humidifier. Instead of water, it uses activated oxygen to sanitize the mask, hose, and reservoir.

Using the SoClean 2

To do this, you simply connect the SoClean 2 to the back of your CPAP and place the mask inside the SoClean, with the tubing hooked to an adapter that is connected to your CPAP machine. Set the timer, and the SoClean makes a low humming sound for about 10 minutes until the cycle is finished.

The SoClean 2 cleans and sanitizes your CPAP mask and equipment.

SoClean 2 Uses Activated Oxygen to Clean

The machine works by pushing activated oxygen through the tubing and adapter, inside the reservoir of the CPAP machine, and then back to the SoClean 2 machine. The mask, tubing, and reservoir are cleaned along the way.

Activated oxygen kills bacteria, mold, virus, and fungus. When the machine adds a third atom of oxygen to the O2 oxygen that we breathe, it forms a new molecule of ozone (O3), otherwise known as activated oxygen, that destroys bacteria and viruses through oxidation.

After about two hours, the O3 reverts back into O2. The very first time you use your SoClean 2, you should pre-wash your mask, hose, and reservoir using the included Neutralizing Pre-Wash. Any time you add new equipment to your CPAP therapy, you should use the pre-wash on it.

How Often Should You Use Your SoClean2?

It is recommended that at a minimum, you clean your CPAP machine weekly. The SoClean2 can be used daily to help reduce bacteria build-up. SoClean 2 is so easy that you can increase your cleaning frequency to prevent illness and infection.

Maintaining Your SoClean2

To remove dust, you may wipe down the SoClean 2 with a damp cloth. The SoClean check valve assembly and filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months. A reminder message on the display will appear after approximately 6 months, depending upon usage.

Keep Up On Your SoClean 2 Supplies

For replacement parts and accessories, visit The CPAP Shop. Stop getting sick from dirty CPAP equipment and make cleaning your CPAP equipment easier with the SoClean 2!

SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

• One of the most popular devices for sanitizing your CPAP equipment, using activated oxygen to kill 99% of germs and bacteria

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Chris Vasta CPAP Expert & President at The CPAP Shop


Chris Vasta

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  • Denise

    Why does my SoClean2 light up to get new filter when it’s only been 2-2 1/2 month

    • Chris Vasta

      The Soclean should only flash the three different colors at the bottom when it is time to replace the filter. If you would like to reach out to Soclean they can be reached at 1(866)-501-3705.

  • Tyrone Johnson

    My SoClean Unit used to make a humming noise for about 10 minutes while cleaning. All of a sudden that has stopped and now I don’t think I’m getting my mask completely clean although the lights does change. Any ideas?

    • Chris Vasta

      Hello, it may be that it is time to replace the filter as the humming is caused when the O3 from the filter is being created. IF you have replaced the filter when the machine blinks the different lights, it may not be the case. IF you would like to reach out to Soclean, they can be reached at 1(866)501-3705.

  • Tom

    I have a heated tube with my ResMed Air Sense 10 and the end that goes into your adapter for your machine doesn’t appear to match up. What now??

  • Karen Daniel

    My huband’s

    My husband has used so clean 2 for about 3 years now. Last visit he had with his Dr, he told him that it has been found that the machine releases more ozone than had been originally noted and therefore can be dangerous for brain cells. Input please.

    • Chris Vasta

      The FDA has not approved any ozone or UV light CPAP cleaners or sanitizers devices and is currently working with manufacturers to compile data for a full FDA review on efficacy and safety. SoClean has indicated that it has been working cooperatively with the FDA since last year to go through the extensive testing process.

  • Jackie Lemons

    why do i have water in my soclean ans the mask strapps are wet

    • Chris Vasta

      YOu may be getting rain out, which is the term for water accumulation inside of the CPAP tube. Using a heated tube with your machine would help prevent rainout. If your machine does not have a heated tube option, you can use a tube buddy.

  • Ian Craig

    The SoClean2 Dreamstation humidifier hose that goes into the humidifier’s water tank is a bit of a fiddle (I used a heated hose). Can I just remove that little bit – keeping the heated hose to SoClean2 and humifier bit? I clean the tank each day, and run the SoClean2 when the tank is empty.

  • Sonny Zackeo

    Hello! I have been using the SoClean2 for about a week daily. I actually like the smell it produces. I have two questions. One: does the reservoir need to have water in it to run? I have not been putting water in it. Second: how do I cancel or stop a pre set Cleaning? For example, it’s set to go off at 11am but I didn’t use my machine last night so I don’t need it to run. Thank you!

    • Chris Vasta

      Hello, Sonny. YOu are able to use the Soclean with or without water in the water chamber. If you want to sanitize the water the black tubing needs to be submerged. Here is a helpful Youtube video from SoClean on Timer and Notifications: If you still have questions please reach out to Soclean at 1-(866)-501-3705.

  • William E Thibodeau

    I need someone to call me, 8605890231. I put cleaning solution in the reservoir and ran it. I don’t know if it is broken.

    • Chris Vasta

      The Pre-wash is not meant to be placed into the chamber. You would want to wipe the Soclean chamber clean. However, please reach out to Soclean at 1-(866)-501-3705, to inquire if the Soclean is still safe to run.


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