Everything to Know About BiPAP Therapy

What is BiPAP Therapy?

BiPAP (aka BPAP) therapy is the preferred choice for treating central sleep apnea, cases of severe obstructive sleep apnea, or mixed sleep apnea. In these instances, CPAP therapy may not be enough to get users the extra air they need. That’s where a BiPAP machine becomes an alternative treatment. BiPAP therapy is a great treatment for users who have other medical conditions that make it hard to breathe, like asthma, congestive heart failure, obesity, and more.

What is BiPAP Therapy?

What is a BiPAP Machine?

A BiPAP machine is very similar to a CPAP machine. However, a BiPAP delivers a higher pressure when a user breathes in. Another main difference is that rather than one continuous air pressure, a BiPAP machine delivers two alternating air pressures based on the breathing pattern of the patient.

How Does a BiPAP Machine Work?

A BiPAP uses higher inspiratory positive airway pressure when breathing in and lower expiratory positive airway pressure when breathing out. By using the tube attached to the machine, the device connects to a user’s mask and pushes air through the tube and mask to provide the extra oxygen a user needs during the night.

Other settings can also control the timing, length, and volume of the breathed air. With two alternating air pressures, a person with more complex sleep apnea is able to sleep and breathe more comfortably.

What is a BiPAP Machine Used For?

Central sleep apnea and more severe cases of obstructive sleep apnea may require more than simple CPAP therapy to achieve compliance. BiPAP is the option most doctors recommend when CPAP therapy does not appear to work, or if the patient has difficulty comfortably sleeping with CPAP.

What is The Difference Between BiPAP And CPAP?

CPAP machines deliver a singular flow of pressurized air to maintain an open airway while you sleep. While the air pressure is adjustable, the CPAP machine is delivering only one flow of air. CPAP manages most mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea.

BiPAP machines deliver two separate levels of air pressure: one for inhalation and one for exhalation. These two adjustable pressure settings provide a more regulated control of airflow for patients, who are usually suffering from more severe sleep apnea.

Often patients will begin with CPAP only to realize that they still experience frequent apneas, even while staying compliant. A doctor may recommend BiPAP therapy when CPAP is not proving effective.

Which is the Best BiPAP/BPAP Machine?

The best BiPAP machines come with many of the same features CPAP machines have that users love. BiPAP machines can include built-in humidifiers which help to minimize the side effects of PAP therapy. Some machines can collect sleep data that can be later shared with your doctor. Flexible options when it comes to personal adjustment are one of the most key features among users who want to customize their BiPAP experience.

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How Much Does a BiPAP/BPAP Machine Cost?

Added features can cost you more. So, it’s important to consider your budget when shopping for a BiPAP machine. Prices can range from $1,200 to over $3,000 depending on the extra features you need.

Where Can I Buy a BiPAP/BPAP Machine?

You can find BiPAP machines at most medical equipment stores. You can also shop online from the comfort of your own home with medical equipment retailers like The CPAP Shop. We offer BiPAP machines from leading manufacturers with competitive pricing. Our experienced staff is available to answer any questions on BiPAP machines or sleep apnea therapy. Call 866-414-9700.

The CPAP Shop is an authorized online retailer of all BiPAP/BPAP machines. The CPAP Shop does not recommend any BiPAP/BPAP machine exclusively. You can buy any of these BiPAP/BPAP Machines on our website. This article is based on the author’s choice from the data available on the internet/user manual of the products.

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