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Comfort First! Hush Sleep Strips

Made of medical grade nonwoven fabric and gentle easy-release, which moves with the skin flexibility, making it easy to reposition and remove. Hush strips improve sleep quality by reducing mouth breathing and snoring during sleep. 


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CPAP Comfort Accessories

CPAP filters are critical components in keeping a CPAP machine running longer and more efficiently. A CPAP filter captures a wide assortment of dust, pollen and contaminated air particles. These small dust particles, if not captured by CPAP filters, can accumulate inside the machine, causing damage and shortening the lifespan of your equipment. Eventually, these particles may even work their way to the airway of the user. CPAP filters come in a variety of types, such as reusable CPAP filters, disposable CPAP filters, bacteria CPAP filters, and more.

CPAP Comfort Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a CPAP pillow?

The purpose of a CPAP pillow is to keep the CPAP mask and hose in its place while you change positions during your sleep. Some patients begin their sleep on their back but switch to sleeping on their stomach or side which leads to displacement of the CPAP mask and hose. The CPAP pillow allows you to maintain your CPAP therapy even when you change positions.

Which CPAP accessories can enhance comfort?

There are some CPAP accessories that were designed with comfort in mind, like CPAP pillows, mask liners, aromatherapy, and CPAP hose holders. These products are meant to enhance your overall CPAP experience. These accessories are counted as CPAP accessories for comfort.

How do I avoid side effects from a CPAP mask?

Side effects of CPAP therapy result when CPAP equipment is not suitable for the patient. In general, CPAP patients face three universal problems—mask leaks, dry nose or mouth, and skin irritation. If you are facing such problems, then you can benefit from mask liners and heated humidifiers. A mask liner can prevent mask leaks and skin irritation as this pad wraps around the CPAP mask cushion.