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The CPAP Shop offers a wide selection of CPAP cushions and pillows for all major CPAP mask manufacturers. These parts help make the use of your CPAP equipment more comfortable and cost-effective. If you need help selecting the correct CPAP mask parts and accessories, please contact us for assistance.


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CPAP Cushions and Pillows Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Extend The Longevity Of CPAP Cushions?

Cleaning CPAP cushions regularly, extends their lifespan and can also reduce the user's exposure to bacteria and mold. It also helps to wash your face each night before starting therapy and always use  soapy, warm water to wash your CPAP mask cushions at regular intervals to remove any facial oils and dirt. However, once CPAP cushions are used for more than 3-6 months, the efficiency of your CPAP therapy reduces, so it is important to replace them.   

Is There Any Difference Between CPAP Cushions and Pillows?

CPAP cushions and pillows are often mistaken for the same product since they both help improve the fit of the CPAP mask and connect to the mask frame. However, CPAP mask cushions are typically used with full face masks and CPAP pillows are used with nasal pillow masks. 

When is the Right Time to Replace CPAP Cushions?

The ideal time to replace CPAP cushions is every three to six months. Cleaning your CPAP equipment at regular intervals and following the replacement suggested schedule improves hygiene, ensures a tight seal and prevents air leaks.