Fisher & Paykel Humidifiers for CPAP

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Fisher And Paykel Humidifiers For Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machines

Fisher and Paykel have designed some of the best humidification systems for CPAP therapy. Their extensive knowledge of the Intensive Care Unit provides them with the means to design the most sophisticated humidifiers for CPAP therapy. Fisher and Paykel were the first to design and introduce Heated Humidification in CPAP therapy in the 90s and have been the leaders ever since. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fisher & Paykel Humidifiers

What Is Heated Humidification?

Human lungs function at an optimal temperature of 37-degree Celsius and are saturated with water. Heated humidifiers ensure that the air during CPAP therapy has sufficient moisture and the right temperature to ensure no damage to lung tissue. Heated humidification is very similar to the working of nasal airways in the body that ensure the right amount of air reaches the lungs with the right temperature and moisture.

What Makes Fisher And Paykel Humidifier Different?

Fisher and Paykel are pioneers in humidification technology. The first introduced heated humidification in the 90s and has been delivering the best ever since. Their in-depth knowledge of intensive care provides them with an edge when designing the best-heated humidification systems for CPAP machines. 

How To Clean My Fisher And Paykel Humidifier

Cleaning the Fisher and Paykel Humidifier is very simple. Disconnect the humidifier from the Machine. Detach the hose and connector. Soak the humidifier in vinegar and water and wash it with warm water. 

Let the humidifier dry before attaching it to the CPAP machine. 

For More information, refer to our article on cleaning CPAP Equipment.

What Is The Importance Of Heated Humidification In CPAP?

Heated humidification during CPAP Therapy ensures a comfortable experience and sleep. The most prominent problem with continuous CPAP usage is sore nose and throat. The heated humidification helps maintain the moisture during CPAP therapy preventing the chances of any nasal irritation.