Fisher & Paykel HC407 Nasal Mask Headgear

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  • Replacement headgear for Fisher & Paykel 407 nasal mask
  • Four adjustable straps for one-size-fits-all design
  • Glider strap not included
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When it comes time to replace your headgear choose high quality replacement parts specifically designed for your Fisher & Paykel HC407 Nasal Mask. The headgear replacement features an anti-leak strap that won’t disrupt seal pressure as you change sleeping position and a stretch band that accommodates different head sizes.


The one-size-fits all design makes it easy to adjust your headgear for a custom fit.


The headgear is latex-free so it’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The stretch band is made of elastic and the straps are Velcro for easy adjustability.

More Information
ManufacturerFisher & Paykel
Warranty Term90 Day
Works With Any CPAPNo
When Should You Replace Your Headgear?
You should replace your headgear approximately every six months. When you need to constantly adjust your mask due to a poor fit or if you start to notice mask leaks, then it’s probably time to replace your headgear.
How Do You Replace Your Headgear?
Detach your existing headgear from your nasal CPAP mask. Attach your replacement headgear to the mask. Make necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit.
How to clean your Fisher & Paykel HC407 Nasal Mask Headgear
You should wash your headgear daily to prevent bacteria and germs. Skin irritations such as rashes at point of content most likely means you need to clean your headgear. Disassemble your mask Wash your headgear in warm soapy water to remove oil residue. Do not use abrasive detergents as they can damage your headgear Rinse with clean warm water Allow to thoroughly air dry Reassemble your mask...
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