ResMed Swift FX Replacement Pillow

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  • Dual flaps for comfort and support
  • Integrated flexible chamber provides stability for side sleepers
  • Secure seal at high pressure settings
  • Ideal for active sleepers
  • Four sizes available
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ResMed Swift FX Replacement Pillow - Overview

 Upgrade to more comfortable nasal pillows. The ResMed Swift™ FX Replacement Nasal Pillows feature two flaps for added comfort and support as well as a flexible built-in chamber for stability when sleeping on your side. The high-performance seal holds up under high pressure settings and provides consistent comfort no matter how often you change your sleeping position.

ResMed Swift™ FX Mask Nasal Pillows Features & Benefits

Flexible Design

 The Swift FX Replacement Pillows include features that combine flexibility and performance. Two flaps and a flexible inner chamber adapt to changing sleeping positions so active sleepers never lose their seal or have to adjust their nasal pillows in the middle of the night. Side sleepers suffer the most from nasal pillows as their position causes them to slip out. Not so with the Swift FX Nasal Pillows. The contoured design hugs close even while sleeping on your side.

High Pressure Setting Friendly

 For those who require higher pressure settings on their CPAP machines, a secure seal is essential as strong airflow can loosen the seal on less capable nasal pillows. The Swift FX Nasal Pillows are designed to withstand the strong pressure settings that some patients require and maintain comfort and seal without worry.

A Perfect Fit for All

 The Swift FX Replacement Pillows come in four sizes to fit all types of users.

  •  Extra Small - #61520
  •  Extra Small - #61520
  •  Small - #61521
  •  Medium - #61522
  •  Large - #61523
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Warranty Term90 Day
Works With Any CPAPNo
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Should I Clean My ResMed Nasal Pillows?
Cleaning helps prevent germs and bacteria buildup which can cause illness and nasal irritation and infection. Because nasal pillows are inside of the nose, the risk of illness is increased. You should clean your nasal pillows daily. Use a mild soap with warm water. Towel dry. Clean more thoroughly during the cold and flu season.
Why Replace My ResMed Nasal Pillows?
All nasal pillows wear out over time. Replacing them ensures lasting performance and prevents nasal irritation. Refer to your FX CPAP nasal pillow mask manufacturer’s guidelines for when to replace your nasal pillows. If damaged, replace them immediately as using damaged parts will negatively impact your CPAP therapy.
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ResMed Swift FX Replacement Pillow