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Our nebulizers are lightweight, affordable, and effective! Shop our list of nebulizers and accessories like the Philips Respironics InnoSpire Essence and more. 

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What is a Nebulizer Machine?

Nebulizers and their medications are typically prescribed to combat respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and COPD. Nebulizers use compressors or vibrating mesh discs to turn liquid medicine into a fine mist that is more easily absorbed by the lungs. Unlike inhalers, which are manual devices, nebulizers require a power source to operate.

How to Choose the Right Nebulizer Machine?

Most nebulizers can be divided into two categories: home use and portable. Most home use nebulizers require an electrical outlet and use disposable components, such as tubing and mouthpieces. They are often called compressor nebulizers because they use compressors to turn the liquid medicine into mist.

Portable nebulizers are lightweight and travel friendly. They often use a rechargeable lithium ion battery and come with reusable parts. These nebulizers are often referred to as mesh nebulizers. This is due to the vibrating mesh disc that is used to transform the liquid medication into a fine mist for patients to inhale.

Every nebulizer is different. Some of the key features to keep in mind when shopping for a nebulizer that best suits your need are treatment time, maintenance, and battery life (if applicable). 

Jet Compressor Nebulizers

  • Treatment duration of 8-20 minutes
  • 13ml medicine cup
  • Able to accommodate a variety of particle sizes
  • A fine mist is produced by using the compressed air
  • Durable compressor motor
  • Louder than ultrasonic nebulizers
  • No restrictions on medicines

Ultrasonic Nebulizers

  • Treatment duration of 6 minutes
  • 8ml medicine cup
  • Best with consistent particle size
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers generate a fine mist by passing high frequency ultrasonic vibration through water
  • Uses piezo-electronic transducer and not as durable
  • Silent
  • Cannot deliver all medicines

 Frequently Asked Questions About Nebulizer Machines

What is a Nebulizer Machine?

A nebulizer has several parts, including a compressor, medicine cup, mouthpiece or mask, tubing, and connectors. The patient or caregiver places medicine into the cup, and then the compressor forces air through the tubing, turning the liquid medicine into a fine mist that is easily inhaled and held in the lungs.

For more information on Nebulizer Machines, refer to our detailed article.

Why are nebulizers prescribed?

A nebulizer machine turns liquid medication into a fine mist that when inhaled through a mask or mouthpiece provides quick relief from asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Many people use them in addition to metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) for additional treatment of respiratory illnesses. Some people are unable to inhale using the MDI and are then prescribed nebulizers which make inhaling the medication and holding it in the lungs easier. Doctors may prescribe nebulizers to:

  • Asthma suffers
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients
  • Cystic fibrosis patients
  • Bronchiectasis patients
  • Children with respiratory infections.

What is the difference between disposable and reusable nebulizer machines?

Disposable nebulizers can only be used for approximately two weeks of daily use and are great when traveling away from home. Reusable nebulizers last for around 6 months of daily use, are highly effective and deliver treatment fast. Your physician can help you determine what best fits your needs. Our customer service representatives are here to offer advice. Give us a call at 866.414.9700.

What medicines can be dispersed using a nebulizer machine?

The most common medications prescribed with nebulizers are:

  • Bronchodilators: Often used to treat asthma, COPD and other respiratory illnesses. Bronchodilators help open the airways, resulting in easier breathing.
  • Sterile saline solutions: Often prescribed for bronchiectasis. Saline solutions also help open the airways and loosen mucus, making it easier to cough up.
  • Antibiotics: Often prescribed for respiratory infections. Antibiotics work with the body to alleviate the infection.

Where Can I Buy A Nebulizer Machine?

The CPAP Shop has a brick-and-mortar store which is located at 159 Cooper Rd in West Berlin, New Jersey. The CPAP Shop store is an authorized dealer for all nebulizer inventory and other CPAP and BiPAP products. And once you buy a product from our nebulizer machine online store or our brick-and-mortar store, The CPAP Shop will continue to provide consistent customer service concerning your purchase. We also offer free fast shipping on all orders over $99 with other additional benefits and rewards. For more questions, contact us at 1-866-414-9700.