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Woman grocery shopping with a portable oxygen concentrator. Woman grocery shopping with a portable oxygen concentrator.

Stay Active with the SimplyGo!

Less than 10 lbs and approved for in-flight use, the Philips SimplyGo allows you to stay active with supplemental oxygen on-the-go.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Portable oxygen concentrators allow individuals who have been prescribed respiratory therapy to enjoy a more active lifestyle. Unlike oxygen tanks, which are bulky and contain a finite amount of oxygen, a portable oxygen concentrator filters room air to provide a more concentrated, supplemental dose of oxygen to the user.

Items to Consider While Purchasing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Battery Packs

Battery packs can power a portable oxygen concentrator for up to 9 hours, depending on the dose and activity level. An extra charged battery can help keep you active for longer.

Charging Cables

Portable concentrators use both AC and DC power, so you can charge your batteries either from an electrical socket or while you are driving in your car.

Carry Bag

A carry bag or backpack can allow you to easily carry your portable oxygen concentrator.


Oxygen concentrators need a variety of supplies including cannulas, masks or humidifier bottles. These supplies help deliver the necessary oxygen comfortably and need to be replaced regularly per manufacturer recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of power do portable oxygen concentrators require?

These concentrators can be used with both AC and DC power, as well as optional rechargeable batteries. It is important to note that battery life is dependent on your oxygen concentrator settings, so you may want to consider having a back-up battery.

What type of settings do portable oxygen concentrators offer?

Most portable concentrators provide oxygen in a pulse dose setting, meaning oxygen only flows when the user inhales. This greatly improves not only the life of the battery, but also the life of the machine itself. Oxygen concentrators require the use of oxygen tubing and a nasal cannula or facemask. Be sure to always have enough on hand and replace when needed.

How do I travel with a portable oxygen concentrator?

Portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight and an efficient option to take supplemental oxygen with you while staying active. We offer a variety of accessories, including carrying cases and backpacks, to help you move freely throughout the day.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

An oxygen concentrator provides a more concentrated flow of oxygen than a user can get in the surrounding ambient air. This nearly pure oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream allowing for better oxygen delivery. This makes it easier for the heart because the oxygen level of the blood remains stable and consistent.

Do you need a prescription for a portable oxygen concentrator?

Yes, oxygen concentrators are medical devices and require a prescription prior to purchase.


Do you need an oxygen tank with your oxygen concentrator?

A patient using an oxygen concentrator does not need cumbersome oxygen tanks as long as the compressor is running. An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that is often referred to as an oxygen generator or an oxygen machine. They are essential to delivering continuous or pulse dose oxygen therapy at home. They are often prescribed to help with emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory diseases.