Young girl getting temperature checked with a thermometer. Young girl getting temperature checked with a thermometer.

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Digital Infrared Thermometers

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Infrared Digital Thermometers

Infra-red thermometers are said to be among the most admired thermometers, due to the readability of temperatures, digital display, and eradicating the risk of transferring germs. With the help of infra-red rays, these thermometers analyze the temperature of an object or person, within a distance of 5cm in just seconds.

FAQs About Digital Infrared Thermometers 

How to Use an Infrared Digital Thermometer

Start using the device at around a distance of 5 cm targeting the forehead to get accurate readings. You can also point the thermometer at the wrists for an accurate reading. Push the trigger to ascertain the temperature from the LCD screen.  

What is the Accuracy Of An Infrared Digital Thermometer?

Research data indicates that if infrared, no-contact thermometers are used correctly they are just as accurate as oral or rectal thermometers.  According to the manufacturer, these infrared thermometers are about 98 percent accurate.