ResMed CPAP Mask Replacement Parts

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ResMed Replacement Parts For CPAP Masks

With regular use of CPAP, mask parts like the cushion, headgear, chinstraps, and pillows display signs of wear and tear. Improper fitting CPAP mask accessories can cause discomfort during CPAP therapy and alter its effectiveness. 

As CPAP masks become less comfortable, you are less likely to use them. This, in turn, means you lose out on the healthy benefits of your CPAP therapy. Replacement parts are an inexpensive and easy way to maintain your CPAP equipment. All ResMed CPAP mask parts are designed for simple DIY replacement so you only have to refer to your manual for instructions. Most importantly, new CPAP mask parts can make a big difference in your sleep. CPAP patients admit to improved rest after replacing worn-out parts.

FAQs For ResMed CPAP Mask Replacement Parts

How Often Should I Replace CPAP Parts?

For good measure, you can replace nasal pillows, pillow cushions, and full-face cushions every month just for cleanliness purposes. You can always inspect your equipment for wear. Look for leaks as a telltale sign that you need new ResMed mask parts. It’s also a good idea to replace full face masks every few months. By regularly maintaining your equipment you will also get the best results from your CPAP machine.

How Often Should I Replace a CPAP Mask?

A CPAP Mask should be replaced every 3 months to ensure optimal performance. If you notice any parts of your mask are damaged, or your fit is no longer correct, replace your mask parts sooner.

How To Replace a ResMed CPAP Mask Cushion?

CPAP mask cushions are simple to replace. Locate the mask and gently pull/pop it out. Replace this with a new cushion by putting it back in between the frame. You should hear a soft click and your mask cushion is properly back in place.

Why Does My ResMed CPAP Mask Leak?

All ResMed CPAP masks have headgear, and some people may also use chin straps for better adjustment and a completely comfortable CPAP therapy. Regular CPAP users understand that the headgear, chinstraps, and mask fittings wear over time. Within a month or two, the headgear and chin straps tend to lose elasticity and the cushions become stiff and brittle. These changes alter the fitting of the mask and cause air leaks during your CPAP therapy. 

What To Look For When Checking ResMed CPAP Mask Parts

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when checking your CPAP mask parts:


  • Check the edges of the cushions to see if they are stiff or cracked
  • Check to see if your cushion has changed color
  • Ensure that you do not experience any skin discomfort or irritation when wearing the mask

In 3 months: 

Check for mask leaks 

In 6 months:

  • Check for headgear elasticity
  • Ensure that you do not need to be over-tight to avoid leaks

Do You Need A Prescription For CPAP Replacement Parts?

While a CPAP mask require a prescriptions, its individual parts do not. You are able to replace your cushion, headgear, or frame without a prescription.

How To Replace ResMed CPAP Mask With Replacement Parts

ResMed manufactures comfortable CPAP masks with extensive replacement parts for better use. The replacement parts for a ResMed CPAP mask are easy to fit and can be detached and attached at ease. For more information on mask replacement guidelines, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the product guide.  

What Are The Latest Popular Resmed CPAP Masks?

ResMed has a wide range of CPAP masks with unique designs that fit the various needs of CPAP users. If you use any one of the masks and looking for better options, here is a list of all CPAP masks offered by ResMed:

Full Face Masks:

  • AirFit F30 - The Smallest ResMed full face mask
  • AirFit F20 - The softest full-face CPAP mask
  • AirFit F10 - Comfortable and Secure fit for any face
  • Mirage Quattro - 24 forehead fits that support any face

Nasal Pillow:

  • AirFit P10 - Lightest and Quietest masks with a split-strap design
  • Swift FX Nano - The lightweight mask offers a secure and comfortable fit with a perfect seal

Nasal Masks:

  • AirFit N20 - Nasal mask with comfortable fit and headgear for easy movement
  • AirFit N10 - Designed with SpringAir cushion comfort with SoftEdge headgear
  • Mirage FX - Easiest cleaning with only four-part disassembly