ResMed HumidAir 11 Cleanable Water Tub

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  • Exclusively designed for and integrated with AirSense 11
  • Designed to hold a capacity of 380 ml of water
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
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Free Shipping Over $99

How Much Water Does the ResMed HumidAir™ 11 Water Tub Hold?

The ResMed HumidAir™ 11 Water Tub has a water capacity of 380 mL, so you should never have to refill during the night. If you find that you run out of water in the middle of your therapy, humidification settings may need to be adjusted. If water remains in the chamber following a night of CPAP therapy, remove it and rinse the chamber thoroughly before refilling and beginning therapy again.

Germ Prevention Smarts: It is recommended to use distilled water with your water chamber. Tap water increases the risk of calcium deposits and bacteria.

How to Use the HumidAir™ 11 Water Tub

  • Do not fill the tank of water past the maximum fill line. Damage can occur to the humidifier or therapy device. When the tank lid is mounted, water can leak out of the tank inlet (located on the side of the tank) if the water tank is overfilled.
  • Check to make sure the hose doesn’t have water in it before disconnecting the hose from the tank outlet. Water can spill out through the hose and into the machine.
  • Use only room temperature bottled water to fill the tank. Do not add any contaminants or additives into the water. Harm to either your airway or to the water tank can result.
  • Remove the chamber, empty all the water, and refill the empty tank before moving the humidifier base.
  • Never fill the tank when it is inside the humidifier.

Do not disconnect the humidifier from the therapy unit with water in the tank to prevent spillage.

  • Before disconnecting the therapy unit, separate the water tank from the humidifier.
  • Never turn the humidifier on without the water tank installed. If no water is present in the water tank, the humidifier number setting must stay set to 0.
  • Prior to removing the water tank, the humidifier door must be placed in an open location. Do not empty the water tank without making sure that the humidifier door locks is open.
  • Never move the humidifier if there is water in the tank.
More Information
Water Chamber Capacity380 mL
Works With Any CPAPNo
Dimensions6" L x 5.5" W x 3.5" H
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ResMed HumidAir 11 Cleanable Water Tub