Somnera™ System Complete Pillow Mask P3 Bundle


  • Kit includes one Replacement Pillow Cushion
  • Three piece headgear with keyed attachments for secure fit
  • SmartValve provides patients with waterless humidification system
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 Somnera™ System Complete Pillow Mask P3 Bundle

  • 1x Replacment Pillow Cushion
  • 1x Headgear with keyed attachment
  • 1x SmartValve

 The Somnera Pillow Mask was designed to create a natural, comfortable user experience. The pillow cushion creates a secure seal and offers minimal contact, reducing red marks and irritation. The pillow attaches to the headgear with a keyed clip, simplifying the assembly process and creating a stable, secure fit. Active and side sleepers will have peace of mind, knowing that their therapy will not be interrupted.

Replacement cushions are sold separately and should be replaced every 90 days or if damaged.

The soft headgear is comprised of three pieces–two side straps made of medical-grade silicone, and one Velcro back strap. Users can easily adjust the back strap to create the perfect fit. The soft side straps not only hold the cushion in place, but also provide a flexible fit that can contour to any face shape. The minimal design of the headgear grants users who like to read or watch television prior to bed an open field of vision.

Somnera SmartValve

The Somnera SmartValve helps users create their own humidification, eliminating the need for a humidifier and distilled water. The unique, one-way design of the valve prevents exhaled air from being sent back down the tube, greatly reducing the number of mask leaks throughout the night. If leaks do occur, they are much quieter than traditional CPAP therapy.

The Somnera hose (sold separately) connects directly to the SmartValve using a powerful magnet. This magnet allows even the most active sleepers to enjoy uninterrupted therapy throughout the night. If you do need to get up in the middle of the night, simply detach the hose from the SmartValve and reconnect when you lay back down to resume therapy.

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More Information
Mouth BreatherNo
Side SleeperYes
TV FriendlyYes
For HerYes
Facial HairYes
Cushion TypeSilicone
Mask TypeNasal Pillow
Latex FreeYes
Magnetic ClipsNo
Is the Somnera Nasal Mask suitable for active sleepers?
Yes, the magnetic hose rotates at the box or on the mask. The mask is designed to deliver freedom of movement throughout the night, allowing side sleepers or active sleepers to sleep comfortably without worrying about tugging on the mask.
How do you clean the mask parts?
Similar to a traditional CPAP, you clean the parts with soap and water and air dry.
How often do mask parts need to be replaced?
Mask parts should be replaced every 90 days.
How To Clean & Maintain Somnera™ System Complete Pillow Mask P3 Bundle?
Mask parts should be cleaned after each use and air dried completely prior to reassembling. To clean, hand wash with warm, soapy water. Replacement parts should be purchased every 90 days, or if mask parts become damaged in any way. Using damaged parts may negatively impact your therapy.
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