SomniFix Sleep Strips

  • Hypoallergenic adhesive strips
  • Put a stop to snoring & mouth breathing
  • No need for chin straps
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End Mouth Breathing

SomniFix Strips are an innovation in mouth-breathing prevention. These easy to use strips keep lips closed while allowing natural jaw movement. No chin straps or bulky apparatus required – simply peel the backing off of the adhesive strip and place over the lips prior to bed.

Why Would I Want to Tape My Mouth While Sleeping?

The reason you should use SomniFix Sleep Strips to tape your mouth is that you may sleep better and produce more saliva and fewer bacteria, which decreases the likelihood of tooth decay. When you spend the whole night or part of the night breathing with an open mouth, your mouth will dry. The result of a dry mouth is more cavities, more gum disease, and bad breath.

Another reason to choose SomniFix Sleep Strips over any other product is that this mouth tape is designed for sensitive skin. It is gentle, non-toxic, and leaves no sticky residue. You can use these mouth tapes even if you have a beard and mustache and when you remove it in the morning it won’t peel your facial hair off. People who are suffering from sleep apnea and are using CPAP, or an oral appliance, can also use this product.

The Benefits of SomniFix Strips

SomniFix Sleep Strips are a perfect solution for users who want to put an end to their mouth breathing. The hypoallergenic strips allow users to direct airflow through the nose, reducing throat soreness and dry mouth. Unlike bulky, uncomfortable chin straps, SomniFix offers users a more natural jaw alignment no matter what position they sleep in.

How to Use SomniFix Strips

  • Wash and dry your lips.
  • Peel a SomniFix Strip from its liner..
  • Using the central vent as a guide, close your mouth and turn your lips slightly inward. Place the central vent of the SomniFix strip in the middle of your mouth..
  • Apply the SomniFix..

Benefits of Somnifix Sleep Strips

  • Travel-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic and sensitive skin approved
  • Made from environmentally conscious materials
  • Gluten and latex-free


When the mouth falls open during sleep, it causes the jaw to drop and the tongue falls towards the back. This disrupts nose breathing as it creates an obstruction at the top of the airway leading to mouth breathing, non-compliance with CPAP, and open-mouth snoring.


  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces snoring
  • Promotes nose breathing
  • Improves CPAP compliance


  • Seals lips to stop mouth breathing
  • Gentle hypoallergenic adhesives
  • Comfortable


  SomniFix Mouth Sleep Strips Package Includes:

  • 28 Mouth Strips
  • Instructions
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Works With Any CPAPNo
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Who can benefit from SomniFix Mouth Strips?
Mouth breathers who want to use their noses and mouth snorers who can comfortably breathe through their noses are perfect candidates for SomniFix Mouth Strips. You can find out if you are a mouth snorer with a simple test: open your mouth and try to snore; now close your mouth and try to snore. If you didn’t snore with your mouth closed, SomniFix Mouth Strips are for you.
What about for CPAP users?
For CPAP users with a nasal mask or nasal pillows, SomniFix Mouth Strips can improve CPAP compliance by reducing air leaks through the mouth during sleep.
How easy does the tape come off?
Yes, it dislodges just by forcibly opening your mouth (no hands needed). Our mouth strip uses a skin-friendly adhesive that painlessly and easily detaches if you need to remove it during the night for any reason.
Are the strips latex free?
Yes, the strips are latex free.
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