Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP Machine


  • Lightweight and small for easy travel
  • Pressure relief technology, battery power options
  • Fixed pressure CPAP, works with any mask
  • 10-day risk free trial
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The Transcend EZEX is a durable standard CPAP machine. Weighing less than a pound and about the size of a soda can, it can practically fit in the palm of your hand. Like all Transcend machines, this model is compatible with all CPAP masks and includes a wide pressure range from 4-20, an adjustable ramp, and the EZEX Pressure Relief function. The Transcend EZEX is a fixed pressure CPAP that adds the comfort feature of pressure relief during exhalation. This pressure relief helps soften the pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation, which many of our customers find very helpful.


Ultimate Travel Friendly Design

EZEX Pressure Relief Technology

Fixed Pressure CPAP

Quiet and Vibration-Free Operation

Battery Power Options

Auto Altitude Adjustment

Works with any CPAP Mask

Risk Free for 10 Days

3 Year Warranty


Ultimate Travel Friendly Design

The Transcend EZEX CPAP weighs 15 ounces and is only about the size of a soda can. At only 6.1 inches long it is perfect travel, but still able to deliver the performance of a larger in-home CPAP. The included travel case can hold the device, tubing, mask, and power cord. The small Transcend footprint takes up very little space and can even be used on a plane with their FAA approved battery.EZEX Pressure Relief TechnologyThe perfect comfort feature, EZEX pressure relief is featured on this machine as well as the Transcend Auto.

When turned on, EZEX pressure relief decreases therapy pressure at the end of each breath. When you breath out, which is when many people find therapy becomes uncomfortable, the pressure is lowered to make your breathing more natural. The EZEX feature can be set at one of four settings: 0 (No Relief), 1(some relief) , 2 (medium relief) and 3 (most relief).Auto Altitude AdjustmentThe Transcend EZEX CPAP will automatically adjusts to changes in altitude up to 8,000 feet. There is no need to manually change any setting. When the CPAP is being used on a plane,the CPAP will auto adjust to the pressurized cabin.

Works with any CPAP MaskThe Transcend CPAP will come with a standard 6 foot tube. You can use the included tube or any standard non-heated tube can be used. Because this unit uses a standard tube, all nasal, nasal pillow, and full face mask are compatible.Quiet and Vibration-Free OperationJust because the Transcend is small doesn't mean the volume will be compromised. The sound level of the Transcend Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX has a whispering quiet sound rating of 26.6 dB. For such an incredibly small device, you will hardly know its on.

The CPAP Shop is offering a risk free 10-day trial for the Transcend EZEX CPAP.The 10-day trial period starts when you receive the device. Please contact The CPAP Shop within 10 day if you are dissatisfied. You will be provided with a return authorization number, which allows for a full refund, minus any shipping costs. All returns must be in the original packing in like-new and working condition with no physical damage.

Battery Backup Power: Use either the P4 Overnight Battery or the P8 Multinight Battery as an automatic battery back up system. In the event of a power outage, your Transcend can switch automatically between AC and DC power. Simple set up: Plug the Transcend's AC power supply into the wall. Plug the other end of the AC power supply into the optional Transcend Battery pack. Plug the Battery Pack into the Transcend.

Optional Overnight Battery System: The Transcend P4 Overnight Battery and P8 Multinight Battery Systems bring innovative technology to CPAP performance that doesn't require much power or a juice-guzzling humidifier heating element. The new Transcend battery system offers a minimum full night's sleep anywhere with uninterrupted backup power during storms and brown outs. The Universal AC power supply provides worry-free power all night. The Battery is very small and weighs just over half a pound.

Optional Mobile Power Adapter: The 19 volt mobile power converter powers and recharges the Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy System and the battery. The adapter allows the Transcend to be used from any other DC battery source and connect to the standard cigarette lighter socket found in most vehicles.

Included in this package:

Transcend II EZEX CPAP System

Universal Hose Adapter

Standard 6-Foot CPAP Hose

Universal AC Power Supply

Travel Bag

Printed Quick Guide, User Information CD

3-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Additional options are available on the customize page


More Information
Battery OptionNo
Heated Hose OptionNo
Machine TypeStandard CPAP
Leak CompensationNo
Exhalation ReliefNo
DC CapableNo
FAA CompliantNo
Auto StartNo
Auto StopNo
Data Storage ContentNo
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