F20 HumidX for AirMini Travel CPAP Machine

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  • Provides waterless humidification to patients
  • Only compatible with the F20 AirMini Setup Kit
  • Inserted between CPAP mask and vent
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ResMed HumidX F20 for AirMini Travel CPAP - Overview

F20 HumidX for AirMini Travel CPAP Machine - Features

Take portable humidification to a whole new level! The F20 HumidX was designed specifically for the AirFit F20 AirMini setup pack for the AirMini Travel CPAP Machine. These packs are designed to give the user an effective and comfortable humidification with small Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HME). When you exhale, heat and moisture is captured and stored within the HME’s tiny paper ridges. Then, when you take a breath, that warm moist air is released. Each HumidX cartridge can be used for 30 days after it is opened. The HumidX is inserted between the mask and the vent, providing compact waterless humidification at a comfortable level.

AirMini HumidX F20 - Benefits

  • Enhances user comfort and minimizes the side effects of dry air
  • Offers improved therapy compliance and overall sleep quality 
  • Provides humidification without the use of water

AirMini F20 HumidX Compatibility:

Only the AirFit F20 setup pack is compatible with the F20 HumidX waterless humidification units.

*The F30 Full Face mask, N20 and N30 nasal masks and P10 pillow masks are not compatible with this item.

What Is In The Box?

  • Three (3) pack of F20 HumidX Waterless Humidification units
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How To Install The HumidX F20
Open the connector by gently twisting it. With the ResMed logo facing away, insert the HumidX F20 into the air inlet of the F20 mask until it clicks in place. Close the connector by twisting its ends back together until they lock into place.
How To Maintain The F20 HumidX
The F20 HumidX unit should not be cleaned and cannot get wet or it will lose effectiveness. This item must be discarded and replaced within 30 days of opening the sealed pack.
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