CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers

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CPAP Masks: A Comfortable CPAP Therapy For Side Sleepers

Patients with sleep apnea can benefit from CPAP mask designs that allow them to sleep in almost any posture. Most CPAP masks can adjust to active sleepers that move about a lot. While sleeping in the right posture can assist with sleep apnea, CPAP therapy with a correctly fitting mask allows for more flexibility while maintaining CPAP compliance.

Sleeping on the side is a preferred way to sleep for patients suffering from sleep apnea. Sleeping on the side prevents the chances of sleep apnea occurring during the night and helps in digestion, and much more. 

CPAP masks for side sleepers enable a comfortable CPAP therapy for a reliable sleeping position for CPAP users. 

What Is The Best CPAP Mask For Side Sleepers?

While nasal pillow masks provide you with a comfortable CPAP therapy with minimum contact, a full face mask can provide you with a comfortable fit and an uninterrupted CPAP therapy throughout the night. 

Side sleepers can choose from the wide range of Full face and Nasal Pillow masks from The CPAP Shop.

Types Of Problems For Side Sleepers Using CPAP Masks

Some of the major problems faced by side sleepers using a CPAP mask are:

CPAP treatment may cause problems for those who sleep on their sides. If their cushion is excessively soft, the fabric may obstruct mask ports.
During the night, side sleepers may feel mask movement. For side sleepers, certain masks put an unpleasant amount of pressure on the cheek.

How To Find The Most Comfortable CPAP Mask For My Sleeping Habits

Understanding your particular preferences might help you select the most comfortable CPAP mask for you. Do you use glasses while reading in bed? Do you have claustrophobia? What is your most comfortable sleeping position? These and other considerations are important while selecting a CPAP mask.

For More information, refer to our detailed article on Sleep Positions and CPAP masks.