BiPAP Machine on nightstand.BiPAP Machine on nightstand.

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What is VPAP/BiPAP Machine?

BiPAP machines (also known as the BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure) perform similarly to CPAP machines. In comparison to CPAP machines, BiPAP machines deliver two varied pressure settings to their users, one for inhalation and the other for exhalation. When you breathe in with the help of your BiPAP machine, the pressure will gradually rise to your prescribed setting and will decrease at the time of exhalation for easier breathing. 

Many people cannot tolerate CPAP therapy and have been prescribed this specific therapy by their physician. Other names for bilevel machines include BiPAP and VPAP. These machines carry all of the same features and benefits as CPAP. It is best to talk with your physician before purchasing a BiPAP or VPAP machine, as these are often used to treat more severe cases of sleep apnea, or cases complicated by other respiratory illnesses. All BiPAP or VPAP machines are medical devices and require a prescription prior to purchase.

You can learn more about the BiPAP machines here. 

If you need help deciding if a BiPAP or VPAP machine is best for you, reach out to our customer care team via chat, phone at 866.414.9700, or email at

Why Should You Buy A BiPAP Machine?

The majority of people are prescribed APAP or CPAP machines unless a BiPAP machine has been recommended by their healthcare providers. So, here is a list of reasons why your healthcare provider may prescribe a BiPAP machine: 

  • Heavily Impaired Natural Breathing
  • Obstructive, Central, or Complex Sleep Apnea
  • Pneumonia
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)
  • Poor Breathing Postoperative
  • Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS)

However, if you experience breathing issues or face difficulty breathing more often, then BiPAP machines may not be the right choice for you. In this case, your healthcare provider may recommend you a better form of ventilation. 

BiPAP Machines For Sale 

Mostly, the BiPAP machines include a heated humidification feature like the Luna G3 BiPAP machine and ResMed AirCurve BiPAP 10 VAuto BiPAP machine. Apart from a heated humidification feature, the BiPAP machine features include: 

  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Climate Control
  • Data Tracking
  • Ramp Settings
  • Auto Start/Stop

Popular BiPAP Machines 

BiPAP Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the pressure setting of my BiPAP machine myself?

No, you should not change the pressure settings on your PAP machine on your own. These settings are prescribed to ensure you get appropriate, accurate therapy for your sleep apnea. Ask your doctor or purchase Sleep Care Online’s SimpleRx for an updated prescription with the new settings. Once you have the updated prescription, contact us and we will be glad to help.

How should I choose a BiPAP machine?

Our website has all the necessary details required for you to choose a suitable BiPAP machine. If you have been prescribed BiPAP therapy by a physician, then you will be able to choose the appropriate machine easily. If you need assistance, our customer care team is always available at 866.414.9700.

How do I prevent excessive gas and abdominal bloating while using a BiPAP?

Excess gas and abdominal bloating are common complaints among some BiPAP users. This happens when air is inadvertently swallowed while using the BiPAP machine. To get rid of the gas and bloating, simply elevate the level of your head prior to falling asleep. If the problem still persists, consult your physician for advice.

How often should I clean a BiPAP machine's tubes and hoses?

You should clean your BiPAP machine’s hoses and tubing once a week with a solution of mild liquid dish soap and distilled water. Let them air dry completely after rinsing thoroughly.

Are BiPAP Machines Louder?

BiPAP machines are not much louder than CPAP machines and typically produce 26 to 33 decibels of sound on average. If you find your BiPAP machine to be too noisy then check for air leakage of your CPAP mask or CPAP tubing. 

BiPAP Vs CPAP  Machine - Which Is Better?

The key difference between a BiPAP machine and CPAP machine lies in the type of pressure the machine delivers. BiPAP machines deliver pressure during both the patient’s inhale and exhale. Unlike BiPAP, CPAP machines deliver constant airway pressure during the inhale.  

Is A BiPAP Better Than A CPAP?

The majority of patients find the BiPAP to be more convenient in comparison to the single-pressure CPAP machine. BiPAP machines can also be considered if you are in need of breathing assistance. Doctors suggest the use of BiPAP machines for those who suffer from congestive heart failure and various other serious diseases affecting the heart and lungs.

How To Clean A BiPAP Machine

BiPAP machines should be cleaned by disassembling and washing the parts of the machine that can be exposed to water. You can use warm water with a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface of the BiPAP machine for the removal of excessive dirt or dust. 

Is A BiPAP A Ventilator?

Yes, the BiPAP machines fall under the category of ventilators, i.e.used to treat those conditions which affect your breathing.

Does BiPAP Increase Oxygen Levels?

Yes, the BiPAP machines boost the oxygen levels and normalizes the carbon dioxide levels of your body. This can be important for those suffering from breathing problems like COPD. 

Does BiPAP Help Respiratory Failure?

Yes, BiPAP machines assist those with respiratory failure. BiPAP machines are efficient in enhancing gas exchange, limiting intubation, and shortening the time span of staying in healthcare facilities.

Are BiPAP Machines More Expensive Than CPAP Machines?

Yes, BiPAP machines are more expensive than CPAP machines since BiPAP machines deliver advanced treatment features as compared to CPAP machines. The BiPAP machine enables the use of two different pressure settings to treat sleep apnea, COPD, and various other respiratory diseases. There are even a few BiPAP machines that can provide breathing support on a timed basis and can even start breathing if you cannot inhale for a specified period of time. 

How Long Does A BiPAP Machine Last?

BiPAP machines typically last for about 3-5 years and experts suggest replacing your BiPAP machine after every 5 years. Also, make sure to clean the air filters at regular intervals to avoid the accumulation of dust particles. 

Can You Use BiPAP Machines With An Oxygen Concentrator?

Yes, you can definitely use the BiPAP machines with your oxygen concentrator. 

Does The CPAP Shop Provide Customer Service and Assistance For BiPAP Machines After Purchase?

The CPAP Shop provides customer support assistance prior to the purchase of your BiPAP machines. We also offer fast and free shipping with rewards on orders exceeding $99. For further questions, you can contact us at 1-866-414-9700. 

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