cpaphero CPAP Mask And Tube Cleaning Brush

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  • Provides thorough cleaning to most CPAP tubing
  • 8-in-1 cleaning solution
  • Includes 2 universal cleaning brushes
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cpaphero CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush - Overview

This product is designed to quickly and efficiently clean CPAP hoses for better and more compliant therapy. One of the brushes features a long, flexible handle that can fit through the length of several hose types.

cpaphero CPAP Mask Cleaning HBrush Improves CPAP Sanitization

With frequent use, your mask and tubing collects germs, bacteria, oil, and dirt. These contaminants may even cause an allergic reaction or an unpleasant smell that can impact the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. The resplabs cleaning brush helps to remove all dirt and buildup from the tubing and mask where soap and water cannot easily reach. By maintaining the hygiene of your mask and tubes, you will continue to enjoy a comfortable fit, unclogged therapy, and a peaceful night's sleep without interruption.

Mask And Tube Cleaner CPAP Brush Extends the Lifetime of CPAP Parts

The cpaphero mask and tube cleaner CPAP brush will extend the lifespan of your CPAP masks and equipment. By preventing the buildup of germs and bacteria, you can prevent damage to the equipment. Cleaning your CPAP equipment daily will keep it in good condition, extending its lifetime value and requiring less-frequent replacement.

cpaphero CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush - In The Box

The following items are included when purchasing this product:

Short Brush: a sturdy handle that does not bend or flex. Its soft bristles can effectively clean a CPAP mask or machine.
Double-Ended Brush: Over 6 feet in length to clean the entire tubing. 

Instructions for Using cpaphero CPAP Mask Cleaning Brush

  1. Rinse the brush and hose with warm water and mild soap
  2. Keep the tubing straight to avoid damage
  3. Use a brush to thoroughly clean the inside of the tube
  4. Rinse out the hose with only warm water
  5. Let the hose air dry completely before using it again
  6. To best care for the brush’s bristles, rinse it with only warm water and gently pat it dry with a towel. Let it air dry completely.

cpaphero Mask And Tube Cleaner CPAP Brush - Compatibility

This CPAP mask and tube cleaning brush is compatible with most Standard (22mm), slim style (15mm), and heated CPAP tubing.

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cpaphero CPAP Mask And Tube Cleaning Brush