How Can Adjust The ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask?

  • Unfasten all magnetic clips.
  • Hold the mask so that the ResMed logo faces the outside of the headgear. Keep your mask opposite your face and draw the headgear over your head making sure both lower headgear straps are unfastened.
  • Place the bottom straps under the ears and match the straps to the magnetic clip on the frame.
  • On the topmost headgear straps unfasten the tabs. Tighten the straps uniformly until the mask is secure but not too tight. Fasten the tabs.
  • On the bottom headgear straps unfasten the tabs. Pull the straps uniformly so that the mask rests on the chin and stays secure. Fasten the tabs.
  • Attach the air tube to the mask. Push the button on the side of the elbow joint and connect the elbow to the mask so that it clicks on both sides.
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