DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP

How does the heated tube help me with CPAP therapy?
If you have ever awakened to a gush of water into your CPAP Mask while using your CPAP machine, a heated tube will help to alleviate this problem. A heated tube helps to keep the CPAP tube ambient temperate warm enough so condensation or humidity does not build up inside the tube.
Is the DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP compatible with other manufacturer’s CPAP masks?
Yes, it is compatible with any mask from any manufacturer.
What are the Dimensions of the DreamStation 2?
The DreamStation 2 is 10.78" in length, 6.24" in width and 3.34" in height. It weighs 2.29 lbs.
Does insurance pay for the DreamStation 2?
The CPAP Shop does not work directly with any insurance companies. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions directly to our customers. However, CPAP equipment and supplies may qualify for reimbursement. Here’s a look at how high deductible insurance plans can impact pricing. Please contact your insurance providers directly for information on reimbursement. We can provide an itemized receipt...
Can I travel with the DreamStation 2?
Yes, the DreamStation 2 is FAA approved and can be brought on an airplane as carry-on
How does auto CPAP work?
APAP machines provide a constant flow of air pressure between a minimum set point and a maximum set point. The air pressure automatically adjusts to the user’s needs by using breathing sensors to determine if more or less air pressure is needed. Read more on how an APAP works.
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