How Can You Achieve The Right Fit For Your ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask?

  • Move the forehead arm to the highest location and open the headgear to a large size setting. Squeeze the arms of the StabilitySelector and move the arm upwards to switch.
  • Disconnect one of the Fast Clips or both of them. Place the mask cushion against your face by placing the cushion's base under your lower lip and rolling it up to your nose. Always make sure that your mouth is partially open. Pull the headgear on over your ears. If the Fast Clips are missing, reconnect them.
  • Change the top headgear strap with both hands first, using the headgear tabs on the headgear. The forehead pad should gently brush your forehead. The bottom strap can be balanced so that the mask fits securely on your forehead
  • Attach the tubing that came with your CPAP or bi-level kit to the mask's swivel elbow.
  • Switch on the airflow.
  • Lie down and take a deep breath. Always ensure that your mouth is partially open. Tighten the top headgear strap if the forehead pad does not lie securely on the forehead. Allow the final modifications if there are any air leaks. Air leakage is to be anticipated before modifications are made. Make sure the headgear isn't too close.
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