How do I the clean react health Luna II autoset CPAP machine with a humidifier?

It is crucial to clean your CPAP machine and humidifier to avoid any accumulation of dirt on the surface or within the tubes and machines to extend the lifespan of the React Health Luna II AutoSet CPAP Machine. Typical types of buildup found in CPAP machines and humidifiers are fluoride, added minerals, and various other impurities. Additionally, CPAP humidifiers contain warm stagnant water, which causes the growth of bacteria. 

Here are some tips to clean your React Health Luna II AutoSet CPAP Machine and humidifier: 

  • Use vinegar or mild soap mixed with warm water to remove dirt and buildup. 
  • Avoid using chemicals for cleaning purposes because it can lead to poisoning. 
  • After the devices are cleaned, air dry the parts individually.
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