How To Assemble ResMed Swift™ FX Nano For Her Nasal CPAP Mask?

  1. Gently twist each headgear arm and tug away from the node on the mask cushion to remove the headgear.
  2. Remove the mask cushion from the swivel ring by peeling it away.
  3. Stretch the inside of the mask cushion with your forefinger and thumb before inserting the swivel ring.
  4. Allow the mask cushion to rest in the swivel ring's groove. The mask cushion is properly positioned when there are no gaps between it and the swivel ring groove. Make sure the swivel ring isn't completely buried in the mask cushion.
  5. Rotate the elbow in the swivel ring to guarantee it moves freely.
  6. With the notches facing up, thread the top strap into the top buckle.
  7. With the opening facing you, hold the headgear shoulder. Attach the headgear arm to the mask cushion's node. Check to see if the text on the headgear matches the text on the mask cushion.
  8. Do the same thing with the other headgear shoulder. Make sure the straps on your headgear aren't twisted.
  9. Secure the cloth back strap by threading it through each side of the headgear and folding it over. Make sure the ResMed logo is facing out and the fastener is on the outside.
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