How To Change the Comfort Features in ResMed AirMini CPAP

  • The default settings of the ResMed AirMini CPAP machine might work for you. If not, adjustments can be made to further improve your CPAP therapy and get the best results.
  • Use the Sleep option screen to adjust settings like Pressure Relief, SmartStart, and Ramp Time for further comfort. 
  • On the Navigation tab, click on “Sleep” to get to the Sleep Screen. 
  • Select Therapy.
  • Select Options and adjust the comfort settings as desired.
  • You can select from 3 ramp time modeAuto, 5-45 minutes, and Off on the smallest ResMed CPAP machine.

Auto mode is the default ramp setting. Once the device detects you are asleep the prescribed treatment pressure can be obtained automatically.

  • On the Navigation tab, click on “Sleep” to display the Sleep screen.
  • Choose Therapy.
  • Select Options to display your current settings and various other Sleep options.
  • Select your desired settings.

The Pressure Relief feature is built to help users grow accustomed to their CPAP therapy faster by offering pressure relief while exhaling.

  • Select “Sleep” from the Navigation tab.
  • Select Therapy.
  • Choose Options, then Sleep options.
  • Check whether the pressure relief is turned “On” or “Off” from the current settings and change it at your convenience.
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