How To Clean ResMed Mirage FX for Her Nasal Mask at Home?

Hand-washing the mask and headgear are recommended. Follow these simple care instructions to improve the life of your CPAP mask. Should any of the parts be damaged or unable to be used, replace them immediately. Using damaged parts may have a negative impact on your CPAP therapy.\

Daily/After each use:

Follow the disassembly instructions to disassemble the mask parts.

Gently wash the separated mask components (excluding headgear) in warm water with mild soap to thoroughly clean them.

Clean the vent with a soft bristle brush.

Inspect each part and, if necessary, repeat the washing process until it appears clean.

Rinse all materials well with water and air dry away from direct sunshine.

Reassemble according to the reassembly instructions after all parts have dried.


Hand wash the headgear.

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