How To Fit ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask?

The Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask comes fully assembled.

  • Move the forehead support tab to the uppermost tab.
  • Disconnect one side of the lower headgear. Place the mask over your face and draw the straps over your head. Make sure that the upper straps and the lower straps move across your forehead and behind your ears.
  • Reattach the clip for the headgear to the mask casing.
  • Gently tighten the upper headgear straps.
  • Gently tighten the lower headgear straps. When the mask is in place, the front support pads should gently press the forehead. You can adjust the location of the forehead support tab if the pads do not gently press your forehead.
  • Connect the main tube to the pivot. Then attach the free end of the tube to the PAP machine’s flow generator and switch on the flow generator. You may need to gently tighten the headgear straps if you encounter air leaks.

Note: The headgear straps should not be overtightened as this may cause discomfort, cushion creases, and leakage of the mask.

You will need to change the position of the forehead support tab if you are unable to get a proper seal by gently tightening the headgear. Loosen the headgear straps and switch to the next location with the forehead help tab. The upper headgear straps and then the lower headgear straps should be tightened evenly. In order to ensure a safe and secure fit, take time to measure the four locations of the forehead support tab and change the headgear strap settings.

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