How to Fit the ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask?

  1. Start by unclipping the magnetic clips.
  2. Hold the mask against your face with one hand and pull the headgear over the head with the other hand. Adjust the mask cushion on top of the nasal bridge. The top of the headgear should just sit on the crown while the bottom should sit at the top of the neck.
  3. Adjust the upper headgear's tabs according to your face.
  4. Adjust the lower headgear's tabs according to your face.
  5. Now, connect the mask elbow to the device tubing. .
  6. Make sure the device is not switched on.
  7. Finally, connect the mask to the elbow.
  8. Ensure upper and lower strap adjustments.
  9. You can re-adjust the cushion if you are not comfortable with the initial position. Turn off the device and pull the mask away from the face a little so as to give the cushion some room without taking the mask off. Now adjust the top of the cushion at the top of your nasal bridge.
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