How to Fit the ResMed Swift™ FX Nano For Her Nasal Mask?

  1. Make sure you are holding the mask the right way up, with the soft silicone headgear on top and the fabric backstrap behind it ready to adjust later.
  2. Hold the mask so that the bottom of the cushion lines up with the lowest part of your nose.
  3. Next put it over your nose making sure the cushion fits securely into the creases of your cheeks.
  4. Then simply slip the headgear over your head and pull the backstrap over.
  5. Now it's time to adjust your mask. Ensure the headgear buckle is resting on top of your head with its side straps between your eyes and ears.
  6. Adjust the buckle on the top strap by carefully pulling the strap through until the cushion is over the nose.
  7. Adjust the back strap’s hook fasteners at the same time until you feel the mask is comfortably in place.
  8. The backstrap should sit just above the ears over or under your hair
  9. Finally, connect the short tube into the tubing of your machine then turn it on

If the mask leaks, readjust the back strap before you touch the top strap. As the back strap brings the mask closer to the face and fixes minor leaks

Be careful not to over-tighten. If there's still air leaking out simply reseal the mask by taking the cushion off your nose and then reapply it until it seals properly. Your mask is now ready to use

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