How To Fit The Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask?

Place the tubing on the swivel joint. The tubing's edge and the swivel's ridge must completely cross. Connect the other end of the tubing to the CPAP machine.

Place the straps below your ears and the cushion over your nose by pulling the headgear over your head. Link the mask frame to the other headgear clip. Adjust the headgear's fit with the Velcro® straps. Make sure you do not overtighten them.

When the mask is on, the pads of the forehead support should gently press onto the forehead. If necessary, adjust the forehead connection by switching it to one of the other tab locations. There are four tab places to choose from. To adjust a tab's location, loosen the headgear straps first. Then, click and raise the forehead help tab to the next spot. Gently tighten the headgear straps once more.

Hold the vent cover's edges on both sides of the "Click" sticker. To ensure that the vent cover is safely in place, press it firmly against the mask elbow.

Turn on the CPAP. Lay down in order to check air leaks. You can adjust the Velcro or the forehead brace if there are air leaks.

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